Sunday, November 13, 2005

Late Saturday Night (Okay Early Sunday Morning)

I finally talked to Jeanette the other day. After she trained in Houston with FEMA (I'm just guessing here because I forgot to ask, so I'm just assuming it was FEMA) she was dispatched to New Orleans. So I didn't get to see her and she will NOT be here for Thanksgiving. The cell reception in New Orleans is insane, we got disconnected every couple of minutes. One time I asked her "So is he your boyfriend's son or stepson?" then there was a click and a man said (in a suggestive tone), "I don't know. Which one would you prefer?" So after about 3 or 4 call backs I gave up. She said she had been staying in a tent with about 100 people but after her boyfriend trained in Irving, Texas, he showed up and now they are living in his camper. I can't wait to hear the whole story.

I also talked to my Mom and Step-dad today. I didn't get to wish him a happy birthday yesterday (Friday), so I was calling to do that. I asked him about his birthday and he said there was a large crowd at a seafood restaurant. All of his surviving brothers and sisters and his son were there. I was so happy for him I got teary-eyed. For years now the only people he had to celebrate with were my Mom, my husband at the time, myself and my daughter. It must have been quite a big birthday for him. He told me it was the last one he was going to have. I said "Birthday or birthday party?" Thank goodness he meant party. They are leaving Monday to head back this way. It's weird how we can go weeks without seeing each other, but when my Mom is out of town, I miss her like crazy. Mom also told me about her dinner with my brother, his wife, and my two nephews. I'm not going to go into that because I haven't addressed my brother thing yet (or his wife). At least I don't think I have, I'll have to go back over my posts. Man is THAT a story. A LOT of stories.

Lisa, my sister-in-law came over around 10:40 tonight. She's almost telling the same stories with the ex-husband/visitation/wicked step-mother stuff that I already lived through many years ago. I wish I could have offered her some advice, but in reality, it's just a situation that's out of your hands. All that stuff went away for me three years ago when my daughter turned 18. YAY! With a capital YAY!! Poor Lisa, she has a LONG time to go. But she had a good time here. We are fun and goofy people to be around and make you forget your troubles.

If you are at all interested in behind the scenes movie making stuff, this site is killer:

Take a Peek at the Superman Returns Video Blog

I watched it all last night and was spellbound. I know some people don't want to "peek behind the curtain," but I love to know how everything works.

Totally random thought of the day: I think it would be funny for a woman my age to say "Don't make me get all menopause on your ass." I hope I get a chance to use that some day. Maybe I should make T-shirts!

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