Monday, November 21, 2005

Having Limits Has Its Limits

So basically it has been three full days in the wheelchair, four full days with the broken foot. I've gotten pretty good at organizing my efforts. I think out every "trip" in the wheelchair to get the most out of it. For example; if I want to go to the guest room to smoke, I will wait until I need to use the restroom. Sometimes I will just stop in the middle of a hallway and have a zone-out rest moment. I DO have the showering figured out and it is a lot easier now. I also looked at my foot after the shower and it is still icky looking - pretty much light gray with dark gray under the toes. Oh my knuckle swelling went down, but the blue-gray coloring is much larger now - about the circumference of a drink coaster. My hand matches my foot.

I made dinner again last night and cleaned the kitchen afterwards, but tonight My Sweetie said we would order food. I am going to cook again tomorrow night though. Also I looked at some broken bone sites on the internet and one of them said that bones begin to knit immediately after being broken. That sounds good.

My Mom has finally made it back from her "cross country" trip. Today was her birthday but she didn't want to do anything because they had their house painted while they were gone and she was exhausted from putting everything back in its place. We're going to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving, but will stop by Mom's on the way back. She brought me some stuff back from N.C. so I'll get to pick that up as well. So I guess Thursday will be my first day out. I think I'll call my Meals on Wheels people this week and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and tell them I'll be gone for a while. One lady in particular worries about me if I forget to tell her that I'll have a sub that week.

I strapped a fanny-pack on the back of the wheelchair to carry my 7 essentials: carmex, kleenex, wet naps, a nail file, the phone, dental floss, and some Altoids Raspberry Sours. I started thinking that probably no one else on earth would put those exact 7 things in their wheelchair "backpack." They say fingerprints are unique, but I bet everybody's "7 things to have at hand" would also be different.

And Now For My Sports News: My Sweetie went to the Dallas/Detroit game today with some co-workers and vendors and wore his Lions shirts. Yes, shirts. He wore one on top of the other. Unfortunately for Sweetie, the Lions lost, but I could tell he had a blast. I was worried that the Cowboys fans might get "put out" by his being a Lions fan, but he said he had no trouble (and it probably helped that the Lions lost). Duke also won again on Saturday. It always takes me a while to get to know the freshman, and three of them are getting a lot of court time, so I'm starting to catch on. It looks like Coach K is grooming Paulus to be the next point guard - he's also a kick ass 3-point shooter, McRoberts is a big inside guy, getting rebounds, blocks and inside scoring and Pocius was a standout too although I can't remember why right now. Maybe it was just because we couldn't figure out how to pronounce his name. It's not what you would think.

I put a lot of thought into my post titles and I was mad that I forgot to title the last post. It was supposed to be "My Wheelchair Travails" I could go back and edit it, but I've had bad luck with that just like with the spellcheck on here.


J. said...

Heh. I think I'd just attach my purse since it has my 300 essentials in it. Carmex is at the top of the list though for me. :) I'd find a way to attach my laptop. Wireless blogging you know.

I'm sorry about your foot and, uhhh, resulting hand trauma.

geewits said...

Thanks, but good luck with the purse. These wheelchairs do not leave a lot of optional space. And high five on the Carmex. It's been my #1 essential for 20 years.