Thursday, November 17, 2005

Magic and Mayhem

That's what my rocker boot looks like except it is gray (and doesn't have a #5 in a black circle at the tip). I was going to post about my wonderful "Meals on Wheels Wednesday" day out with my daughter, but I injured my foot tonight and am not a happy camper. I broke this same foot in February or March of 2000. I broke the long bone on my right foot that runs to the pinky. According to Gray's Anatomy it's called "the 5th Dorsal Interosseous," if you're into that sort of thing. I don't think I broke it again, but it hurts in the same places. I put on my rocker boot and pulled out my old cane. I was walking along the side of the house to bring some plants into the garage from the back yard. It was a dark and stormy night, a shot rang out, someone screamed. Oh wait, that's not what happened. It was dark though and they issued a freeze warning on the 10:00 news. I told My Sweetie, "We need to put those plants (from the deck) in the garage." So out the side garage door I go and in the dark I stepped on a border/edging thing and my foot went all out of place and painful all at once. At first I was just limping but it got gradually more and more painful. On a scale of one to "Oh Holy Fuck," I'd say it falls in the "Oh Holy Fuck" category. I'm not going to go to the doctor because if it's broken he will just tell me to wear my rocker boot and stay off of it and I already figured that out. I will give myself $25 and save a lot of time. My Sweetie filled an ice chest with beer for me before he went to bed so I have my beer sitting next to me. That part is good.

Well I just finished another beer and will go ahead with my MOW post. Kate came over for dinner last night and spent the night. We had a lot of fun looking through her trunk. It's a trunk of little treasures and papers I've saved since she was born. Her "writings" were just killing us, we were laughing so hard. MOW was pretty normal except I accidentally gave a diet meal to a regular person and was trying to explain to a diet person that I made a mistake and not to eat the dessert. Her English is limited so I told her son and he said, "She eats sugar all the time." I felt bad, but they both assured me it was no big deal. She IS 97. If I were 97, which I actually hope I will never be, I will eat anything I feel like eating. Oh and we had a note AGAIN saying to watch for route changes. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is tough enough because we have to deliver the extra holiday meals. I hope they don't do anything weird to my route.

Italianni's was wonderful again. The food was excellent. I am so in love with their house dressing. Chris, the magician did lots of tricks for us. Kate was so impressed she called friends to go tonight to watch Chris perform magic from six to eight at Itallianni's sister restaurant in south Arlington. We had a great time. I got home and straightened up the house and turned on ESPN to watch Duke play Seton Hall, but after my day of partying, I crashed on the couch. Duke played great but it was almost hard to watch (I did wake up eventually) because Duke trounced them 93 to 40. OUCH. Then we had the killer extended Lost episode showing the backstory of the "tailers." It was an awesome day until my foot hit that piece of edging. I'm hoping it's a simple sprain. I'll just take it easy for the next couple of days.

Stupid foot.

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