Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Unheard Consumer

If you've been reading here long enough you may remember that 4 years ago I got on the web page for a company that makes scented things to offer a suggestion and they responded by sending me a 4 page legal packet telling me I had to have a patent and whatnot. It was ridiculous. I had simply asked, "Can't you make something that smells like cedar?"
Recently I got on a web page for a company that produces frozen vegetables. I think I said something like: I wish you guys would make fire roasted corn. I think it would be very popular here in the southwest as it could be used in lots of different recipes.
Unlike the scent company, they were not paranoid. They did not send legal documents. No sir. Just the opposite. It was one big thank you note for contacting them. They appreciate having me as a customer and they realize the importance of providing customers with the highest quality vegetables, blah blah blah. And they sent me not one, but three coupons for a free package of their vegetables. I will certainly use those.

You'd think I had complained and they were trying to placate me or something. I guess they assume all e-mails are complaints and therefore do not read them. They just send out a nice thank you note with coupons. There was not a single word about fire roasted corn. Well I'd like to buy a bag of frozen fire roasted corn to put into some of my recipes and I'd also like a little cedar spray for my house. Is that too much to ask?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Good Luck with Big Company's. It is all so impersonal. They are TOO BIG! I guess they figure by sending you coupons you will thinks "they care"!
Sounds like a really good idea to me!

haphazardlife said...

Much too much to ask. - Jazz

cabcree said...

okay...this cracks me up because...did you read today's Pearls Before Swine?

And no, it's not too much too ask, but I agree with OldOldLady Of The Hills...they are too big and impersonal.

geewits said...

~~So true. They are too big. But they forget we made them.

~~hee hee. You always make me laugh.

~~I just looked it up online. It's not in our Sunday comics. Wow. I could have written that. However, after trying to make online trip plans for NYC, I had to call and got a girl in The Phillipines and she was excellent and helpful. But my cable company? Yeah, I know where I'd stick that lantern.

Carole said...

Gee, next time you're going to be grilling out, grill up some ears of corn, then cut the corn off the cob. Bag it...tag it, and freeze it for yourself. Shouldn't be too much trouble and you'll have your own frozen roasted corn.