Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mixed Signals

Yesterday I went out to the garage and stepped off the rugs to look at Barney. (We bought a little radiator for him and set up a little box with a towel in it so he can stay warm out there.) As I stepped onto the cold garage floor I thought I had stepped in water. I looked down at the floor and it wasn't wet so I checked the bottom of my sock to see if it was wet and saw that there was a hole in my sock. I thought it was funny that my brain registered "wet" instead of "hole in sock."
That reminded me of something that happened years ago. In the early 90's I had a terrible ache in my upper left jaw and went to the dentist. The dentist examined my mouth and told me that my teeth were fine. He said that I probably had a sinus infection. He also told me that the same nerve is used for sinuses and upper back teeth. I did not know that. So I went to the doctor and yes I had a bad sinus infection and my doctor fixed me up with meds.
About 3 or 4 years later I got the same thing and went to the doctor. The doctor examined me and told me my sinuses were fine and that I probably had a tooth problem. He told me that the teeth and sinuses use the same nerve. I knew that. So then I went to the dentist and he told me I had a bruised tooth nerve caused by biting onto a bone chip or something hard. I had never heard of that. Anyway I was thinking about all that and wondered what I would do if I ever had that pain again. Would I go to the doctor first or the dentist? I guess I'd just flip a coin.


Anonymous said...

From wet socks to sinus problems in a three paragraph post. Wonderful!

So now I know why my teeth ache when I have a bad cold and my sinuses are stuffed up. I thought it was just the pressure in the sinuses...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I wonder if the doctor and the dentist are in cahoots.

geewits said...

~~Nope. Just the same nerve. Sort of like abdominal pain is the same for two different things.

~~No. They are in North Richland Hills.

Carole said...

...and I take a migraine pill. That is often exactly how my migraines come on. I thought for years that they were my left wisdom tooth acting up. Trigeminal nerve is the nerve that connects all the sinus, teeth, facial sensations.

Anonymous said...

Referred pain is a very weird thing. I once had a rotator cuff thing in my shoulder. The pain traveled well down into my chest and back and I thought maybe I was having a heart attack. Blessedly, no such thing.

geewits said...

~~Nerve name dropper!

~~Thank goodness. And heart burn does that to people too.

Anonymous said...

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