Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Goofy Hypothetical Question

I don't know why I think of weird things like this, but the other day I was thinking, What if you could have a free maid Monday through Friday but for only 20 minutes - what would you have her do? So take this as an easy rhetorical question and don't start thinking about strangers in your house stealing your watch or whatever. Just stay with the free 20 minute maid concept. She doesn't steal or drink your wine or eat your cheese or make copies of your bank statements. She won't even accidentally let your cat out. She just does housework for 20 minues. And she's FREE!
I had fun thinking about this. 20 minutes isn't a very long time. For instance, she could not do a load of laundry or fill the dishwasher and let it run and empty it. And I started thinking about the chores I hate that take 20 minutes or less. I kept changing my mind, but I've narrowed it down to this:
Monday: clean the toilets and sweep the bathrooms
Tuesday: clean My Sweetie's bathtub and sinks
Wednesday: Vacuum carpets (although I'm not positive this fits the time frame)
Thursday: sweep kitchen, entryway and hardwood hallways
Friday: clean the toilets and sweep the bathrooms
I think that would work for me although I had a hard time ruling out dusting. I hate dusting but you have to move all your stuff and she probably wouldn't put it back exactly where I want it.
So what would you do with your 100 minutes a week of free maid service?


Anonymous said...

fun question :)

Monday: clean the kitchen and bathroom floors
Tuesday: clean wood floors (this might take more than 20 though)
Wednesday: vacuum carpets
Thursday: clean toilets
Friday: clean cat liter area

*sigh* I need to get cleaning...

Anonymous said...

I'd focus on the bathroom and kitchen. Not sure how I'd spread it out over the week, but she's spend all her time in those two rooms.

- Jazz

Mr. Jazz said...

Picking up Jazz's stuff...

geewits said...

~~Oh yeah, if we still had all those cats in the house, I would certainly have put her on litter duty.

~~Is that where you leave all your stuff? (see Mr. Jazz's comment)

Mr. Jazz,
~~Hee hee. I love a good chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Actually the ones you list work perfectly. Oh, and walk the dog on rainy and windy days. That would make me very happy.

Carole said...

These are the first things I'd have a free 20 minute maid do.

Monday: Dust electronics.
Tuesday: Dust tables (I'd be glad to put everything back right, if she would just dust for me!)
Wednesday: Dust new ceramic floor

I am seeing a theme here. :D

Thursday: Clean 2 toilets if that can be done in 20 minutes.
Friday: Clean bathroom counters & mirrors.

And I would change it up week to week. One week I might have her clean the baseboards and woodwork in the house. Vacuum under the beds. Clean the fireplace. Clean the lamps and lighting in the house.

Oh my gosh! I need a free 20 minute maid now!

Carole said...

Or maybe I just need to parcel out some 20 minutes here and there and get all this stuff done!

geewits said...

~~Maybe. But your dog may not care for that.

~~You must hate dusting as much as I do. And this all made me laugh because your house is always spotless.

Gnightgirl said...

The stove, I'd have her come in and clean the stove first thing every day, make it shine like a mirror.

On the days it wouldn't be necessary (which would be few, because if someone were doing it for me, I wouldn't even try to maintain it), I'd ask her to clean the tub/shower. Much more dusty at the country casa, and it's a pain when it settles on damp surfaces.

I love my 20-minute maid. When does she get here?

geewits said...

~~Your stove? Every day? How the heck are you cooking to get your stove dirty? You must post about this unshiny stove.

Gnightgirl said...

Now I have to think why. I cook almost every day. Usually something vegetable-y, and inevitably something gets flipped out of the side of the pan as they cook down. And steam, and occasionally bacon splatters, or something boils over. lol. It's not a big glob of cooked-on mess, mind you, I just don't like disassembling the burner grates and burners and knobs to get everything shiny.

geewits said...

Okay. I guess that's why I love my flat cook top. Very easy to clean.

VioletSky said...

interesting. I used to work in a seniors home and had to clean apartments every day - for 15 minutes or so at each one. there were 2 of us and we had to vacuum, make the bed, clean the bathroom and tidy up the small kitchenette area, dust and every other week wash windows. we must have had longer on the window washing week, I don't remember.

I would love if she just dusted then washed windows every other week!