Monday, January 17, 2011

At Almost 50 (first of several)

Maybe this is strange but I love to find pictures of Mom when she was my age. I'll be 50 in April and this is Mom two days before she turned 50:
It was easy to date the picture because it was taken at my second wedding. Sometimes we look a little bit alike and sometimes we don't and I'd have to say at 50 we do not look very similar:
Maybe if my eyebrows hadn't disappeared on me. (I've been meaning to do a post about that but haven't dug out all the pictures.) We have never looked a whole lot alike but every once in awhile...
I guess the only similarity is maybe neither of us looks 50. That's good enough for me.


VioletSky said...

I actually think you look rather alike - the smile

haphazardlife said...

Yeah, actually you DO look alike. Of course it seems my sister and I look very much alike, I just don't see it though. I guess we don't see it as much in ourselves.

- Jazz

Mr. Jazz said...

Your mom looks great as do you. And if that's what being 50 is about, I'm (almost) looking forward to it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You both look great! Ahhhh to be 50 years old again...! My eyebrows went someplace, too, along with some other places that used to have hair...(lol)!

geewits said...

~~Well I guess that's true and we always had the same chin. I just wish I had gotten more of her looks.

~~I'd love to see a pic of your sister!

~~You'll always be young.

~~It's funny all the things our Mom's don't tell us about aging. Like how our eyebrow hairs migrate down to our chin.

Jocelyn said...

Is it wrong that my opening reaction is "Jazz has a sister?"

I love this concept and can't believe it's never occurred to me to do the same with pix of my mom. Maybe it's because I know how much my mom has always hated her what if I look like her?

You should use Adobe Photoshop to remove all hair and eyebrows on both pix and just look at bone structure similarities...

geewits said...

~~I knew she had a sister - how did you miss that?
It's sad that your mom hated her looks.
I don't want to see myself faceless, thanks. Ewww.