Thursday, April 01, 2010

On Laughter

Today I read this article from The Associated Press on the science of laughing. I liked this line:
"It's joy, it's positive engagement with life,"
But I was a little concerned by this line:
"The requirement for laughter is another person."
Because I laugh by myself all the time. Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen with the news on TV in the other room and a woman said "George and Barbara Bush have been married 65 years." I immediately said to myself, "65 YEARS?!? Well that makes them entitled to a letter from the president." And this struck me as hilarious and I laughed out loud.
In case you didn't know, if you reach the age of 80 or reach a wedding anniversary of 50 years, you can send for a letter from the president. My first husband's grandmother had a framed letter hanging on her wall from Reagan congratulating her husband and her on their 67th wedding anniversary. And the thought of the Bushes sending off for a 65th anniversary letter from Obama was just way too funny.
So why did the scientists say, "The requirement for laughter is another person."? Did the news announcer count as the other person? Or do I have two persons in my head? That can't be good. But it's kinda funny.


Jazz said...

You and me both. I laugh out loud by myself regularly. The author obviously has no sense of humour.

Mr. Jazz said...

I laff by myself all the time...well some of the time anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not only does laughing out loud not require another person, it doesn't even require an outside stimulus - like a radio or TV show or book. Sometimes you can just tell yourself funny things in your head and burst out laughing. Right? .....Right???

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, you are a funny....why wouldn't you laugh?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wonder if the really mean some kind of input--Reading or Radio, TV, or a film....or now, The Internet....I laugh out loud all the time by myself, but it is usually in response to something coming in to my sphere from the outside, like someone's Blog, or a TV Show, etc....I can easily see how you could be alone and!

Anonymous said...

I can put myself in stitches, as it turns out. And often do. But, I don't like watching comedy solo.

geewits said...

~~Most scientists have a great sense of humour. I'd like to think he misspoke.

Mr. Jazz,
~~And the other times?


~~I always laugh.

~~You never laugh at your own thoughts?

~~That's interesting about the comedy watching. You prefer the shared experience. It is better.

ed said...

laugh all the time. it just feels so good!

geewits said...

Hi Ed!
~~Thanks for dropping by and yes I totally agree!