Friday, April 09, 2010

Lake Tahoe

My daughter is taking Spanish in college and has to make a presentation about family and has to have a PowerPoint presentation, so she asked me for alot of pictures. While I was flipping through a bunch of old photos I found this 1997 picture of Dad and me at Lake Tahoe.
I didn't even remember this picture and I love it! We had already been to Vegas (in 1987) and wanted to do something like that but different. We thought maybe Atlantic City, but then Dad came up with the idea of Tahoe. We took a limo tour around the lake and really lucked out. Our driver was fantastic: Old school yankee dude with lots of stories. He pointed out past houses of classic celebs like Frank Sinatra and had stories to go with. Later we wondered if he really knew all that stuff, but decided it didn't matter. It was great fun. At some point he pulled into this scenic overlook and told us it was a great photo place and he took this picture of us. And if you think Dad doesn't look happy, it's not that. He didn't like his teeth. We were having a blast.
It was really great to find that old picture that I had forgotten about. And for those of you that I have defended having plastic surgery to, please click to enlarge the picture and notice my left eye. The whole upper lid is falling down over my eye and this was the summer of 1997. I didn't have the upper eye work done until March 1999. I could actually see that skin and it was like always having someone holding a finger in your eye.
Anyway I really love that picture and can't wait to show it to all my old friends that loved Dad too. And if you ever go to Lake Tahoe, take a limo tour around the lake and I hope you get a great driver like we did.


Jazz said...

That is a great pic. I love finding pictures like that, that are totally forgotten and brings back a rush of memories.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to defend your plastic surgery to anyone?? I have that same eye-fold thing going on -not quite as drastic yet, but perhaps some day I'll have to do something about it so I can continue to see.

VioletSky said...

Old pics that bring back happy memories are great finds. I wish I had more family pics; we never did much with the casual photos of each other.

Jocelyn said...

What gorgeousness all around! I wouldn't have noticed your eye, but once you pointed it out and I looked closely, I thanked the surgery that got that lid out of your vision!

Carole said...

Love that picture with you and your Dad at lake Tahoe. You mention him not smiling, but his eyes are bright and totally smiling. It is evident how happy & close the two of you were in this pic.

geewits said...

~~And because I have an almost pgotographic memory, it's always a big shock as well as a great surprise.

~~To your question - many bloggers are quite disdainful of plastic surgery so I feel like I have to defend myself. I didn't think I had any pictures from that time, so it was nice to find one. If it gets to the point where you have that skin in your field of vision, you will want it gone.

~~As with most things in my life, we were inconsistent. We have tons of pictures from some events and little or no pics from others.

~~Thanks. Tahoe was really pretty.

~~We had a great time that day. We were so tickled by our story-telling driver. A favorite thing for both of us.