Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What a Long Strange Weekend It's Been

I had a crazy long crazy weekend. I stayed up way too late Thursday night and then early Friday morning my friend called from Vegas. She was drunk and crying in a cab because her "boyfriend" had told her to "GO HOME." So I was up for a while trying to figure out what to do and then my phones kept ringing and waking me up. I always imagine that's what cult indoctrination is like because by the last time the phone rang at 2:00 pm and I knew I HAD to get up, I felt really floogy and weird.
I took My Sweetie's car to a brake repair place and walked down to my bar by the grocery store. That part was pleasant. My Sweetie showed up after he got off of work to pick me up. We came home and watched our pre-recorded "Jeopardy!" episodes and had a nice evening. I had a good run of "And One!"s** during one of the episodes and that was great fun.
Saturday, I paced around the house like a panther in a cage. Duke was going to play that night in a Final Four Game. The game finally came around and Duke won! Boom. Just like that, not only was Duke going to the final game but I had won on our brackets. ($)
On Sunday, we went to visit My Sweetie's parents. My FIL who was in the hospital for most of the last half of 2008 is not doing so well. It was all sort of sad. I thought about not posting that because he used to check in here from time to time, but when my MIL called to ask if we could download and bring some IRS forms because "[he] couldn't figure out how to do it." I figured my blog was probably safe. We did have a nice dinner and some nice long talks and good reminisces about Sweet Rita - she was My Sweetie's grandmother that died in January (and my MIL's mother).
Today (Monday) was My Sweetie's Birthday.
It was also the day of the NCAA Championship game. I ran around and shopped for My Sweetie. No, it's not like I procrastinated. Last week My Sweetie used my little truck all week because his brakes had gone bad. Thus the Friday trip to the brake repair shop. Anyway we had a nice birthday night and everything ended well. Duke won!

**If you missed the "And One!" story, it's what we say we when get the "Jeopardy!" answer right and none of the contestants did.

p.s. yes, Jazz, that is a "Survivor" T-shirt and it was my lucky Duke T-shirt. After all it says, "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" and what better way to win at basketball? Oh, and that was from "Survivor: Outback"


Jazz said...

Yay DUKE!!!!

The T-shirt did it.

Mr. Jazz said...

Congrats to Duke! Lucky T-shirt must have done it. I'll have to get one for my Habs when the NHL playoffs start next week.

XUP said...

I'm interested to know what happened to your drunk, crying, cabbing friend from Vegas?? What was she expecting you to do? Where did she go? Has she reconciled with her man?

geewits said...


Mr. Jazz,
~~Hey, it worked for me.

~~They "made up" but she said she will never go to Vegas with him again. She has compartmentalized her boyfriend as two different people. "Drunk Bob" is bad, "Sober Bob" is good. Whayyagonnado?