Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Photo Leftovers

If you think that because I live in Texas my truck is a big truck, you are mistaken. I call it "my little truck" for a reason. This is my truck in a parking lot. Often I have trouble finding it because it is usually well hidden between the giant SUVs.:
After that big snowstorm where a huge part of one of our trees fell off, one of my MOW ladies also had a terrible mishap:
That fat tree is split on both sides. The people she hired filled it with some big weird foam. I need to take another picture to see how it is doing.
Several Friday nights ago I picked out some of our Halloween pictures and put them in a frame and decorated it it with some Wizard of Oz stickers. I showed it to My Sweetie the next day and he called me a "13 year old girl.":
I will leave you with what I thought was a great line that I left on Facebook in response to a political post:
Freedom is freedom. You can't just pick out the parts you like.


Jazz said...

I like the quote and you're right that's a teeny tiny truck... by Texas standards.

You're not a REAL Texan!

geewits said...

~~Like Goldilocks said, "This one is just right!" Yeah that political thing was stupid. She was complaining about Obama letting muslims hold prayer on The White House lawn and in the same paragraph said "This is the land of the free!" or something stupid like that.

XUP said...

Your quote is so true..too bad a heck of a lot of people seem to forget that when they try to force their brand of freedom down other people's throats

geewits said...

~~And they can't see how stupid they look.

Carole said...

Hi Gee. I'm late in posting because I fell off of the face of the earth this weekend, but now that I'm back...I love what you did with your Halloween pictures! Wonderful!

And that split tree looks like a plumber who needs to pull up his pants. haha So much for the tree Rorschach test.

Lolo said...

I LOVE the picture frame!!!! You are too damn cool!