Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strange Dates Indeed

Today was flowers day. I wasn't going to do flowers this year until we got back from the beach, but I got to the point where I couldn't stand sitting out on the deck in the nice weather with all the empty pots. The reason I was going to wait was because I didn't want to ask Carole to water all those flowers every day while we were at the beach. (She feeds Barney for us and I figure that's enough to ask.) But I came up with a simple way around this. We bought a soaker hose and a timer and we will line up all the pots on the deck and set the timer. It's all good.
I had a nice day out. I had lunch at Chili's and then did quick hits on the German deli and a grocery store before coming back around to Lowe's for my flowers. (The picture was taken after I took the flowers off of my cart. After that I got up on my truck and moved the flowers up by the cab for the drive. I'm not as dumb as I look.)
When I got home I saw that Carole's daughter's car was there and ran down to see the baby. I was doing my impression of the gross Irish guy from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me but I don't think they got it. I was all "Where's tha bebee?" Maybe they did get it and chose to ignore me. Who would blame them? I love their little guy. He's a cutie.
I came back and put out my little radio and started arranging all my pots into groups and trying to figure out which flower went where, and then started planting. My Sweetie got home and helped me with some stuff and it was all good. Then he lit the grill and I started cooking the brats and I was looking at the sky. Everything felt so good. I stepped back into the house and said to him, "This is really what people call the 'American Dream' isn't it?" I had planted pretty flowers, I was grilling brats on the grill, it was one of those moments where everything just feels so lovely and you're so thankful.
Later I was talking to Carole on the phone and she brought up the giant horrible hail storm. I looked it up on my blog here (which is my blog's whole purpose to me) and sure enough it was the exact same date. So three years ago My Sweetie and I were huddled in the coat closet, listening to the civil alert sirens while giant hailstones were crashing through our skylights into our living room and tonight, three years later, we were planting flowers and grilling brats. Dates are strange like that.
(Happy Birthday Granny Pauline! I sure miss you.
You were the best grandmother ever.)


Lolo said...

I soooo wish I was there with you living your American dream with you. Planting flowers, grilling out, drinkin beers.... ahhhh.... how great it would have been. Glad you had a great day!

Jazz said...

Pffft! You don't look dumb!

XUP said...

You're the second person today to say they felt perfectly happy and content with their life today.

VioletSky said...

Somehow, I scrolled too fast and wondered why you were grilling the flowers...

Carole said...

Gee, I never saw that Austin Powers movie and thought it was a funny Gee original voice! haha

Your flowers are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your decked out deck.

That was funny thinking back to the giant horrible hail storm, then the beautiful weather of yesterday.

geewits said...

~~We will make up for it at the beach next month! ;)

~~Hah! Wait until you read the next post.

~~Oddly my cousin even said it on Facebook and she has some trying things going on.

~~I'm sure that's done somewhere. Aren't artichokes flowers?

~~Never saw Austin Powers? That's crazy. Thanks for reminding me about that. So crazy the dates were the same.