Sunday, April 18, 2010

Age and Numbers and Whatnot

I'll be 49 on Tuesday and I haven't put a lot of thought into it. To me, this birthday begins the one year countdown to being 50, and it's not because I'll be 50, but because I have big plans. On my 50th birthday I'm going to wake up in New York City, hopefully in a nice hotel near The Met, and I'm going to drink two or three rum and orange juices and maybe drink a shot of some goofy something and catch a cab to Rockefeller Plaza. I'm going to stand outside of "The Today Show" with a big sign that says, "I'm 50 Today From Texas." And being a graphic artist, my "Today" will be the Today show logo and I will include the local Dallas/Fort Worth NBC affiliate logo and I will be on TV and it will be goofy and funny. (My Sweetie will probably stand about 20 feet away from me.) And then I will go back to my NYC favorite plan of hanging out at the Met. Although I should probably stop somewhere and eat first.


But as I always say, this post isn't really about that. (I'm probably the only blogger that starts out with a digression and then gets to the subject at hand.) Saturday we had the three-way shrimp boil birthday party for my brother-in-law, my husband and myself. It was my BIL's 40th birthday and apparently turning 40 has totally freaked him out. And I do not mean that lightly. That guy is seriously freaked out about being 40. Most people think these round numbers are a girl thing, but I did not make a big deal about 40. And he is. I never imagined a man would freak about turning 40. Is that normal?


I was a little bit weird about 29 and 30, which cracks me up now, but 40? Not so much. I do remember hating 37 and 43 and I think that was more about the actual numbers being ugly in my head. I remember how happy I was when I turned 38 and also 44. Yeah, none of that makes any sense. The only reason I remember my 40th birthday is because we have pictures. It also happened to fall on the Friday night of the Main Street Arts Festival.

That picture was taken at The Worthington because we stopped by there on our way out for birthday champagne. I still have that denim jumper because everything comes back in style eventually, right?

I just wonder why my BIL is freaking about turning 40. I wish I still looked like my 40 year old self. But it's all good. Turning 49 just starts the countdown to crazy day.


Jazz said...

The only thing that freaks me out about this post is what you did to his (your sweetie's, your BIL's??) face. That is a seriously creepy look.

geewits said...

~~That's My Sweetie. I like using different blurring techniques, but now that you mention it, he looks sort of like The Creature from The Black Lagoon. And how could I have been with my BIL when I was 40? He didn't even exist then.

XUP said...

I've known plenty of men who freaked out about certain birthdays. Everyone has their big turning point birthday - mine was 20. It freaked me out that I was never going to be a teenager again. I loved being a teenager. When I turned 20, I reckoned the good part of my life was over already. Every birthday after that has been fine.

Carole said...

Happy Birthday!! in 1 hour and 4 minutes, but who's counting? haha

Yet one more thing we have in 29th birthday was a little weird for me too (anticipation of 30), but 40 was no big whoop. My oldest brother stayed in bed and cried like a baby all day on his 40th. It probably didn't help that I sent him a coffee mug with the grim reaper on it that said, "Don't worry...I'm only here for the cake"!

Well as you know, I hit the big 50 in October, so no count down for me. I'm already one CRAZY LADYEE!

geewits said...

~~20? That's very interesting. I actually remember my 20th birthday. I should post about that soon.

~~That's funny to hear about your brother, but not too surprising. How did he handle 50?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't think it is unusual for someone turning 40 to freak out--whether man or woman...! It all depends on the people and where they feel they are in their life, I think....40 was not a big deal for me, but 50 was a little weird till I actually got there and then it was just fine!
Your Future Plan for your 50th Birthday sounds WONDERFUL, by the way. So much to do and see in New York City!

XUP said...

Happy Birthday!

Mr. Jazz said...

Happy B'Day!!!

mrwriteon said...

First, happy birthday to you, and second, may your 50th unfold in the way you envision it happening. Actually, my worst was when I was turning 30, for whatever reason. Fifty was no big deal at all. I console myself that we're all getting older at the same pace.

Big Brother said...

Happy B'day geewits. You're only as old as your heart and yours seems plenty young. ;o)

geewits said...

~~I think it's fascinating how everyone has a different age that affected them! You are cool at every age.

Xup & Mr. Jazz,

~~I bet you were a real handful at 30!

Big Brother,
~~Yep, I'm still the same goofy kid I was last week. I'm going to be ridiculous when I'm 60!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

49? How much is that in squirrel years? Seriously now, I am tailing you, one year behind. I got freaked out when I turned twenty and could not use my favorite excuse anymore, "What did expect? I'm only a teenager!"

geewits said...

~~But the fact that you would say that makes you wise beyond your years.