Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Musings

Money: I booked our trip - flight and rental car - for our May beach trip and it was $80 cheaper than last year and we will have the rental car an extra day than last year. That seems strange to me. I thought the cost of stuff was going up?
Word Fusion: I am constantly fusing words together because my brain thinks of two different words at the same time and today I said "mirffed" because I was thinking "irked" and "miffed."
Chili: I've been making chili with ground chicken for several months now and I like it so much better than beef. I wish I had thought of this years ago.
MOW: My route is so great and easy and logical now that I'm uneasy, thinking maybe I'm being punked or something.
Time: How is the year 1/6th over already? Didn't it just start?
Exercise: To kick off my annual plan to start exercising I've come up with a slogan: Operation Beach Butt. Because a good slogan is all I need, right?
Sheets: Why would sheets that have fit so well for almost a year suddenly be too small for the bed? Did the bed grow or did the sheets suddenly shrink?
Humidity: It's always so dry here in the winter and I am always running two humidifiers and cleaning them and keeping them filled, so when I decided to do all that carpet steam cleaning, I thought it would help, but the humidity gauge didn't go up one point. But the carpets dried pretty quickly. Where did all that moisture go?
The Olympics: I really loved watching all the exciting competitions and there will be lots of things that we will always remember, but I'm looking forward to getting back to all my favorite shows. And that closing ceremony was dorky as hell.
Happy Monday and Happy March and Happy Musings.


Jazz said...

Your brain is so much nimbler than mine on Monday...

Jazz said...

Oh, and I love what you did with the photo.

XUP said...

We're very embrassed by both the opening and the closing ceremonies...and by a few other things along the way, too. Sorry. My bedsheets do that, too. Suddenly one day they're too small. Maybe the mattress has sucked up all that moisture which made it plump?

geewits said...

~~Well it was actually late Sunday night. Now I have a typical Monday brain. And thanks!

~~Hee hee! that would make sense except theat bed is a long way from the humidifiers. The opening ceremony was fine. But William Shatner was weird.

Carole said...

Gee, I do the word fusion thing all the time too. You and I probably don't even particularly notice when we say a word fusion to each other.

Your photo/picture turned out really nice too! Cool beans!

Jocelyn said...

Your tendency towards word fusion is, um, kind of like my tendency towards Gilda Radner character fusion--and I thank you for the correction! I knew something wasn't quite right, but I was in a hurry, and Paco had just had a positive strep test and had a fever of 102, so I wasn't completely focused. But I'm glad you corrected me, so you're no Ass Hat at all.

You are darn right that those closing ceremonies were crap!

geewits said...

~~Thanks about the pic. Yeah, it's a shame we don't keep better track of our word fusions and spoonerisma.

~~As a fellow strepper, I wish Paco all the best.