Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where Things G(r)o(w)

Every time that I start to run out of hair pins or clips, I am baffled and ask myself, "But where did they GO?" I do not throw them away. I don't take them out and set them down at the bar. Hell, I don't even take the clips out of my house. But over time both things begin to dwindle until I have to buy more.
When I was a kid, a stand up comic explained what happened to paper clips. He said they grow up to become wire clothes hangers. Because you always have plenty of those. After giving that some thought, I figured this caterpillar/butterfly effect must also apply to my hair pins and clips. After trying to figure out what they morph into, I finally figured it out. These:
become these:
And these:
become these:
It makes perfect sense. And if you are a guy reading this and think it does not apply to you, maybe you can think of a guy thing that you use a lot that unexpectedly disappears when you want to use it. I'm sure there's something.


Jazz said...

Well at least your stuff turns into money. Gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jazz. Now, what can I lose that will turn into paper money?

Elaine said...

what do you use all those bobby pins for? is that what they are called?

Carole said...

Gee,that reminds me...seeing those dimes down there, some years back when my kids were still pretty young, whenever I found a dime, I exclaimed "Oh Look I found a diamond!". Ya know like dime-ond. My kids always knew I meant a dime. So one time a nearby lady heard me and was very curious about the "diamond" I had found, only to be quite annoyed when I explained to her that it was a fun little joke between my kids & me. Harrumph!

I keep most of the little stuff I would loose in baggies because it drives me CRAZY to loose stuff like that.

geewits said...

~~Yeah, but pennies and dimes won't hold your hair in place.

~~An old jacket. Well it won't TURN into paper money, but it will create some in a pocket.

~~I use the hair pins or bobby pins when I wear my hair up and I use the clips with my velcro curlers.

~~I wish I could have seen that lady's face. Baggies are no good. They will escape over time.