Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Martin Scorsese Curse

We went to see Shutter Island tonight and some frikkin bisch from hell sat near us and wafted stinky perfume on us throughout the whole movie. It was horribly distracting although I tried a million different things to try to get past it. I've even changed clothes since I got home and it seems like I can still smell it. The last Scorsese film we saw was The Departed and that ended up horribly with a family in front of us with a horde of loud children - at a movie with sex, drugs and violence. What is it about Scorsese films that brings all the freaks and losers to my movie theater? I guess we will just have to rent the next one.


Jazz said...

You gotta wonder....

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a drag! Why not move to other seats? Or isn't that possible anymore? It used to be one could sit wherever one wanted---I can remember moving two or three times, if needed, back when I actually could go to a movie theatre.
Even in 'screenings' which I would go to all the time before my confinement, if there was something I was not happy about---I would move!

XUP said...

Don't you sometimes pine for the drive-in movie theatre? I went to see Shutter Island on Saturday, too!! But I wasn't the one with the perfume. I didn't even see you guys there.

geewits said...

~~I do.

~~The Movie Tavern is relatively small with tables - they serve dinner and it filled up pretty fast. Perfume witch was one of the last people in.

~~A drive-in, huh? I could still have beer AND I could smoke.