Monday, March 22, 2010

You Gotta be Kidding Me!

Well, guess what happened again?
So now I feel like I can't even ask: Can you believe it snowed here? And on the first day of spring? Because at this point, it seems like it snows here every 5 minutes. And although it's still bizarre, it has become sort of commonplace. I think we have had more snow this season than in the 30 years I have lived here. It's crazy!
We did have some really nice days between the snows. I even had a great suntan going on, and then, and THEN, it snowed again. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.


Jazz said...

It snowed here yeterday too. Though snow isn't unusual after spring starts. But the weather had been glorious for the past couple of weeks...

You're right, it's much ridiculouser for you than us.

Gnightgirl said...

It's my fault. I just ordered sandals.

mrwriteon said...

You all have been having the most bizarre weather. Amazing. Of course, so have we, but in a good way. You should have come here this year.

XUP said...

Good grief. We haven't even had snow for quite a while now. Maybe you have to move to Canada for the warmer weather.

geewits said...

~~Well the snow was saturday night and right now it is 65°, so hopefully we are done with it.

~~It's good to have someone to blame.

~~I'm done with going through customs.

~~I'll just wait it out here. I'm sure it will be 100° by the end of June and I won't like that either. At least we always can count on April and October for perfect weather.

Carole said...

Won't it be great if we have a beautiful more moderate summer after this cold snowy winter? One can only hope!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is incredible and unbelieveable! Enough with the SNOW!