Monday, June 08, 2009

A Really Nice Weekend

I really enjoyed my weekend and even had that free-floating euphoria this evening that I get every so often and wish I could bottle. I guess it's only fair that I get that sometimes to counter-balance my free-floating anxiety.
Friday afternoon I walked down to Carole's and we looked at my beach pics and videos on her humongous television. I always enjoy my time with Carole. She is sweet and kind and fun and seems to relax me whereas most people make me tense. And we are a good pair because we always seem to know the stuff the other one doesn't. If I am Q she is A and vice versa.
The bad part of Friday was My Sweetie came home with food poisoning but he was determined to work through it and insisted I make the dinner I had planned. He held it down and didn't feel great on Saturday morning but insisted we carry on with our plans for a seafood dinner out that night. I knew he was fine today when he suggested we order pizza for lunch. But back to Saturday.
We went to a ridiculously expensive place downtown and both ordered meals from the bottom of the menu that said "market price." And we didn't even ask the current prices, so it was rather shocking to see the check, but we played it cool. And I just had to have crab legs. This is me in my bib:

My Sweetie is not the best photographer in the world and took pictures of me while I was talking so I looked really bizarre. That's why I "cut off my head." That crab claw on the plate between the butter and the wine was HUGE! I brought that and another piece home and recycled those tonight with sherry and butter and ladled it over a piece of cod.
Our table was beside a big window and there was always stuff going on. I remarked, "I didn't realize it was dinner and a show." Some guy walking a pretty lab stopped next to us and kept telling her to stay, then he stepped inside. Then some other fellow came by carrying a "doggy box" which made the lab go crazy. The owner had to run back out.

Then an employee brought out a cup of water and she drank like she had not had water in three days.

Our next show was a youngish mom with a kid on her back, piggyback style, and another lady and kid, and that lady, in a short dress, squatting down to get that kid on her back and they could not figure it out. So the lady already with the kid on her back was leaning over and lifting the second kid onto the other lady's back. They were finally successful and as the mom in back straightened up, the boy on her back noticed us and flashed the biggest, cutest, gap-toothed, freckly grin. I think he even gave us a thumb's up.
We stopped at Papa G's on our way home and played some trivia games. We hadn't been there in quite a while and it had been all remodeled. I saw the whole new section which had been My Sweetie's dry cleaner and looked horrified and asked, "But where are your clothes?"
I also did something else this weekend that I had not done in a long time. I read a book. I'm always reading our magazines, the newspaper and the internet, but I haven't read a book in a while. It was a Mary Stewart book, Rose Cottage. I first discovered her when I was in high school and read Touch Not The Cat. I've always found that after reading these British romance mysteries that my English improves. See. I wouldn't have used the term "I've always found" if I hadn't just read this book. It was a light easy read and I read it in the wing chair in the library. That's my new favorite reading place and doesn't make my left shoulder ache. For some reason, reading books was always causing pain in my left shoulder, so that's why I had stopped. It's good to know I can read books again without the pain.
Today was pleasant. I watered my flowers and read and hit the grocery store with My Sweetie. I'd been in a cooking slump but came up with some fun ideas today for meals, so the grocery store wasn't as bad as usual. It's far worse to go to the grocery store when you can't think of anything than when you have some fun plans. Wish me luck on my dinner experiments this week. And I wish all of you some good ole
free-floating euphoria like I've had today.


LoLa said...

I need some fun ideas for meals or I should say's only me. Got one?

Scarlet said...

Free-floating euphoria sounds much better than high anxiety!

That sit-down dinner looked fantastic...everything was right except the price. I love the yellow lab and the gap-toothed, freckly grin you got from the little boy. All that entertainment to go with your crab legs...not bad! Nice bib, too! :)

Have a wonderful week!!

Mr. Jazz said...

Please let us know what your free-floating euphoria will have generated mealwise. I'm looking forward to reading the results. Besides the infamous "blown up out of proportion" check, the seafood venture sounded great. As did the leftovers turned into a brand new meal. Better in your plate that the lab's....

Jazz said...

Gotta love free floating euphoria! Actually, it looks like the lab is biting off the guy's balls - at any rate that's what I saw first...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You had quite a show going on outside your window there.....(What is a "doggy box"?..) And the meal sounded quite fantastic....!
Euphoria is wonderful, isn't it? Hope you keep having more of that.

Carole said...

Sounds like you had a perfectly lovely weekend. Yay for the free floating euphoria! I love it when that happens.

"Rose Cottage"...sounds like a cool enchanting place to go when it starts getting on toward 100 degrees here. :)
Repeat after me - it's not the heat, it's the humidity!

I'm reading "White Fang" by Jack London. My son has been wanting me to read it. Makes for some interesting dreams when reading it right before bedtime.

xup said...

Thanks - I need some free-floating euphoria. I find I always create the best meals when it's the end of the week and we hardly have any groceries left and I need to through something together with odds and ends in the cupboards. I get creative yet simple and they're usually the dishes we end up liking the best. I can't wait to hear what wonders you cook up this week (in between crafting, voluteering, blogging and home-remodeling, of course)

Carole said...

Oh and...I really enjoyed Friday afternoon too! Loved the pics and videos from the beach, and loved spending time with you too. Yes we do make a good pair! I've thought recently that you were there just 2 doors away all these years. I sure am glad your washer broke when it did a couple of years ago!

VioletSky said...

Well, I was having some free floating today, maybe the euphoria will come tomorrow - I'm free then too. Not feeling the least bit inspired with meal planning so please share your creations.

geewits said...

~~The recipe on my next post can be made any size.

~~I have never worn one of those bibs, but I was feeling silly. It was a fun and entertaining dinner.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Fun dinner coming on next post. Yes, the leftover crab was scrumptious, but you could probably saute cardboard pulp in butter and sherry and it would taste good.

~~That's funny! I didn't even notice that.

~~It was a doggy bag but it was in a box.

~~It was good light summer reading. I'm glad my washer broke too! :)

~~I've done that so many times! I've actually googled whatever few things I have left to see if someone has already figured out an interesting way to combine them. That's how I came up with my chicken/artichoke casserole.

~~Did you mean free floating anxiety are were you just free-floating? That sounds interesting.

Jocelyn said...

Your post has just convinced me to always wear a lobster bib. It will cover all my problem areas.

I'm glad the food poisoning passed!

geewits said...

~~If by "always" you mean always, well that would be hilarious.

And so are we.

Jammie J. said...

Free floating euphoria is a good thing. Right now I'm having the free floating anxiety, so thank you for writing about your euphoria.

Glad your sweetie's home, by the way. :) Even if he did end up with food poisoning. :(

Reading books makes my left shoulder ache, too, but I know why that is. It's because when books talk about food, I get hungry, so I have to go eat something. But I read lying down, so when I eat, I lie down so I can eat with my right hand, thus the left shoulder hurts.