Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weekend

Saturday night we were going to stop in at Papa G's for a few drinks, then eat, then go to the grocery store, but we ended up staying there until after 10:00. We went for Mexican food at the Tequila Factory, came home and My Sweetie went straight to bed. I was still wide awake and being the crazy wild party animal that I am I watched The Wizard of Oz.
Speaking of that, today I ordered my halloween costume for my Halloween New Orleans trip.
I was going to make my own shoes but went ahead and ordered those, too. I might add red glitter to them or something. I'll see. Oh and at the bar we ran into my daughter's high school best friend. She was celebrating her 25th birthday. Which was really awesome considering she almost died at age 18 from ITP. I guess we really got closer to her than my daughter's other friends because we spent so much time visiting her in the hospital back then.
I also finished my first batch of this year's beach rocks:

I had so many this year, I divided them into three groups by size: small, medium and large. Those were the large. I'm going to start the mediums next, but I'm giving myself a few days of quiet time. The tumbler is in the one room in the house where I can smoke when it's too hot outside and sometimes the noise gets on my nerves.
I also spent some time working on a school project for my daughter. If you are rolling your eyes and thinking "Oh, she's one of those moms" then you would be wrong. I'm only helping her because it is ridiculous busywork, does not pertain to her degree, she works full time and it's a summer class. Oh and it sounded fun. I'll tell you about it in a minute but let me first say that in her whole life, I only helped her with one other project. When she was a senior in high school she asked me if I had any old pantyhose. When I asked why she said she had a project for physics class to design a container that would keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height. I was all, "Me! Me! Can I help?!?" because it sounded fun to me. This current assignment was to pick 50 of 75 art vocabulary words and find a piece of art to represent them. I picked 17 words that sounded interesting and had a nice time looking at all the art. I used a lot of Renoirs, some Picassos, Matisse's and Rembrandts. I discovered a Rembrandt that I am in love with. It's called "The Evangelist Matthew Inspired by an Angel." I used it for "Analogous Harmony." I could look at that all day. For the first time, I actually want to go to The Louvre.
My Next Project: I bought this hideous stool at the Goodwill store for $5:

I'm going to cut off the legs, paint the wood, recover the top and make a cute little footstool. That's my plan and if you are reading this on Monday afternoon, I am probably working on it. And as always, there will be pictures to come.


VioletSky said...

yay, another cut-offs project!

that's interesting about your daughter's art project - I was just talking with an old friend yesterday who is taking an art course which involves creating works of art that represent various art terms or emotions.

Jazz said...

Oh, I love the stones. As for the stool, if it wasn't for the colour it wouldn't be half bad. Covered with a funky fabric and painted, I dunno, orange it could be quite cool.

Michael said...

I love the texture of smooth rocks, but I have no tenacity to collect 'em. One day I'll waste some $ and buy a bunch from a museum store for way too much money.

Scarlet said...

It's Monday evening so you probably worked on the footstool all afternoon and have come up with something WONDERFUL. I can't wait to see what you've done!!

The beach rocks looks awesome!

I'm not the kind of mom that usually helps with my kids projects (because you can clearly tell when an adult's done some work on them), but occasionally I'll make suggestions and lend a helping hand. You should see what most of the other parents do! They'll do the whole project for the kids so their little ones get an A+! I just HATE that!!

Jocelyn said...

I'm reading this Monday night, but I'll bet you're still hacking away at those legs.

Well done on helping your daughter, btw.

Jammie J. said...

I remember you telling me about your daughter's friend. 25 years ... that's so awesome. :)

Those shoes are really something! Now I can't wait to see you actually dressed up for Halloween. I know it's a ways away, but anticipation is the best part of it.

The shape of the legs on that stool looks like the legs on my jewelry armoire. Except my jewelry armoire is cherry wood. Who knows what kind of wood is under that white paint...

geewits said...

~~It's "Art Appreciation" so they would not be expected to be actual artists although my daughter is pretty good.

~~Heh heh heh! Orange. Yeah, you haven't seen my house. An orange footstool in my house would look like a kosher pickle in a fruit salad.

~~No! You have to get a rock tumbler.

~~My hands are so sore from pulling out the 937 staples that I didn't get too far. I may take a break until Thursday.

~~Hacking away? Heck no. Just like last time, Carole's husband ran them through his table saw. My neighbors are awesome. But I did promise him that it would be the last time that I would ask him to cut off my legs.

~~I think it's just pine, and I am not inclined to get down to the wood for staining. I should have my costume by the end of the week. It has already shipped FedEx. woot woot!

Carole said...

I can't wait to see you in your costume! You'll be the best Dorothy ever!

Your beach rocks rock. hee hee

That Rembrandt is inspiring. I love it!

The footstool is a great idea. I like the way your mind works Gee!

Big Brother said...

Ah the Louvre, I could have spent months, nay years there. My favourite painting was called "La Dentalière" by Jan Vermeer. it's small but has so much detail. it's exquisite.

xup said...

You're an artist. You should be getting together a collection of work and holding a show. Re-created furniture and other objects we thought were junk.

geewits said...

~~Thanks for letting your husband cut off my legs!

Big Brother,
~~I like that! I could have used it for "iconography."

~~It's very "environmentally sound" to repurpose things. But art? Naaah.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Interesting and challanging "ART" Project...and also an interesting and challanging Footstool Project, too....I cannot wait to see what you have done...You are so clever and inventive! I bet it is going to be FABULOUS!

And The Shoes...WOW!

geewits said...

~~I took two days off from the footstool project, so I guess I should get back to that. I hope the shoes fit. I bought them a little large and figured I could Dr.Scholl's them up if needed. Bourbon Street is all about walking.