Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Dense Makes Me Older

We finally set up our Wii Fit today and you have to stand on the thing and go through all these steps to get it started and it asks you questions and weighs you and then you are supposed to do these balancing things. I could not understand what it was asking me to do for a while and finally My Sweetie was able to explain it to me and it was easy. But because I was really bad at the beginning, it said my Wii Fit age was 63. SIXTY-THREE!! Just because I can't understand simple directions.
I have directions dyslexia. Sometimes when I'm watching "Jeopardy!" I will totally misunderstand the clue. For instance if the clue was "This famous children's author has been criticized by the logging industry." I might yell out, "What is The Lorax?!" But clearly they were looking for the name of the author and not the name of the book. And now you can probably see why I don't use recipes. And that time I rewired that lamp? Man, that nearly killed my brain because with wiring? You HAVE to follow directions. And when I do have to follow directions, I have to read them out loud several times. Like eighteen. So with the lamp, I was sitting there all, "Thread the wires through the (whatever)" so many times, I think My Sweetie had to leave the room.
And I've been that way all my life. So if I had had a Wii Fit when I was twelve, would it have said my Wii Fit age was 23? Who knew that not being able to easily comprehend directions makes you older? It seems like it would be the other way around.


Jazz said...

Well at least you do the directions thing. I just set them aside and wait for Mr. Jazz to read them and tell me what I need to know. I'm totally pathetic.

Adam Morgan said...

Not being able to read directions usually makes you a male!

Mr. Jazz said...

I read directions, instructions and ingredient lists. But when it comes to choosing colors for our walls, I let Jazz do the selecting.

mrwriteon said...

Of course, I am male and we 'never' follow directions. In fact we resent them highly.

I was thinking of you when I was in San Diego because I know how much you love it there. So, I said "Hi San Diego from Geewits." SD was gratified by the comment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't even understand what the Wii is! All this tecjnology has passed me by....Now, That's OLD! (lol)

Urban Animal said...

Don't feel so bad, I'm like that too. I need regular technical support for my Garmin (training tool for running) because for the life of me, I can't get the thing to read straight! LOL

Scarlet said...

Directions are boring and like you, I have to read them over and over again to understand them...or like Jazz, have my husband read them and get the lowdown in 2 minutes.

Now FOLLOWING directions, I'm good with that.

Btw, I'm HORRIBLE at Jeopardy, and the music gives me anxiety!!

Jammie J. said...

I laughed out loud at this sentence you wrote: " I think My Sweetie had to leave the room."

I'm scared of the wii, so you're a step ahead of me on that, for sure!

Jocelyn said...

See, this is why I like you: I'm impaired at Things Functional, too. I know stuff, but the world just doesn't ask for it in the right way.

geewits said...

~~When it comes to video games, My Sweetie understands all of the directions. Other stuff? I shouldn't go there.

~~I think that's usually the case except for video games.

Mr. Jazz,
~~So you claim no responsibility for those crazy bright colors?

~~I sorely missed it this year but am happy they are reinstating SD as the venue starting next year.

~~I think you'd love the wii. Since you can't get out, you could go bowling at home. I love bowling on the wii!

Hey Syl!
~~Long time no see. When's the next marathon?

~~I laughed and laughed at the "Jeopardy Music Anxiety." I've never heard of that. We love the Jeopardy!

~~Oh you would love the wii. And on that giant TV! You would be one with the bowling pins.


Carole said...

I'm like that with knitting and crochet patterns. They seem like Greek to me, and I read them over and over and over again. Then somewhere in one of those read overs, it suddenly becomes completely clear what I'm suppose to do. Then it's hard to see what it was I couldn't understand about it in the first place. Oi!

Also, if the WII said I was 63, then I'd try to be even worse, and see if I could get it to tell me that I was 100! haha

geewits said...

~~I get you! If I had a dollar for every time the light comes on and I say, "Ohhhhh! Okay." Well, I'd certainly have a lot of dollars.

xup said...

Being 63 might make you get some awesome scores on stuff though if they factor in some sort of handicap because of your advanced years.

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