Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post to bring you this:
What is this, you ask? Well this is that:
Which used to be this:

Deatils later. We now return you to your regularly scheduled post which you will find below.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very nice. Look forward to the story. I am curious as the two stools are of different heights as well.

Jazz said...

That totally kicks ass. Totally.

Carole said...

Ooooh, pretty! You did a great job! And to think that you saw that awful pink stool and envisioned your own beautiful new tapestry footstool. One of the things I love about you is that you help me to look at things in a new and unique way.
Yeah...I'm definitely thinking you need your own HGTV show! We could call it Geewits "used to new" or "from here to there". Okay, maybe the name needs some help. hee hee

geewits said...

~~Well you will soon discover a magical tool called a saw.

~~Thanks! I know those aren't your colors so I imagined you wouldn't be crazy about it.

~~I always see the potential in things and you are right: it looks exactly like what I pictured when I first saw the pink thing in the store. If I had a show I imagine it would be called "Trial and Error Homecrafting with Geewits." Not only would viewers learn what to do, but the would learn what not to do!

Big Brother said...

Wow, That is awesome. I'm with Carol, you should have your own show. You give recycling a whole new cachet. :o)

Daryl said...

Well done ..

ticknart said...

Amazing work! I envy your ability to picture a change in something then bring it about.

VioletSky said...

I bet even the stool is happy with the new look.

Scarlet said...

Wow, you are amazing! You should have your own internet show. I'm serious!

PS - How'd you do that??

xup said...

That's crazy amazing! How did you get all the legs to be the same length? And don't say measuring because I KNOW that doesn't work

Jammie J. said...

Great job! It looks really good.

(Even if you did go and make it stubby. Why oh why is the world a stubby place? Says she who is tall...)

geewits said...

Big Brother,
~~In "the biz" we call it "repurposing." ;)


~~I'm pretty good at that, but like Andre Delambre, I've made some horrible mistakes.

~~I would think it would have to be!

~~Thanks. Intructions to come...

~~That will be in the next post.

~~Well, I think even you could agree that when it comes to a footstool, shorter is better.