Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Niche Humor, My Day, New Plans

I had a huge laugh today and laugh every time I think about it, but I realized it would only be funny to people who cook. So I told Mom and she didn't even laugh. Now I think it was just funny to me. Here's what it was: My daughter came into Italianni's, sat down and said, "I tried to make cream sauce last night and it was horrible and I had to throw it out." I asked, "What did you do?" She said, "Well I thought making cream sauce was like making gravy." I told her, "It is. It's exactly like making gravy. Walk me through what you did." She said, "Well, I started with the cream..." And I burst out laughing. Oh my, that still cracks me up. hee hee started with the cream. Okay, I'll stop.

I also get a big kick out of typos and missing letters and was behind a car today that looked like this:
I couldn't take an actual picture because I was just turning into the gas station and after taking that 1957 Chevy Bel-Air picture last week out of my back window while I was driving and turning left, I've become a little shy about taking pictures while driving. But that's a reasonable facsimile of what I saw.
Speaking of reasonable facsimiles, the girl I had to train today (I think I forgot to mention that) was almost a duplicate of my daughter's stepmother. Well, maybe from 15 years ago, but I haven's seen the SM since 2002. And she was seriously directionally impaired. When she dropped me back at the new pick up spot to get my truck, I said, "I'm really worried about you driving on your own and finding everything." She was all, "I'll be fine." I gave her my cell number in case she ever needs help and then as I was leaving (a few minutes behind her), I saw her ahead of me. She crossed the street she should have turned on, stopped and turned around. It didn't surprise me a bit.
The new pick up spot was nice and open and will have a "helper" there to help us collect the foodstuffs. But all they did was get in my way. After 9 years I can do that in just a few minutes. They were all over me, "What are you doing?" "Oh, that's smart!" "She's really organized!" Well, duh.
After a lot of thought and anxiety, I realized that no way in hell was I going to my high school reunion. But I also realized that I had been really looking forward to the road trip with my daughter to see Mom part of the trip. So we made a cool new plan. We will leave that Wednesday, drive to Memphis, Tennessee and stay two nights to explore Beale Street:
Beale Street is like an upscale Bourbon Street and is one of the birthplaces of Blues. Like New Orleans is to Jazz. I've never been there, but I've heard of it and read about it. They also claim to make the best ribs. So we will explore there and then leave Friday and drive the rest of the way to Mom's mountain place. We'll spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there and then take our time driving back and exploring Urf. I mean the country. We'll take it easy and stop at roadside inns Monday and Tuesday night. I think it will be a blast. And man did I feel better after deciding not to go to the reunion. And no, we are NOT going to Graceland.


Jammie J. said...

I am not a cook in any way shape or form, nor am I partial to gravy (weird, I know, considering my southern roots) or cream anything, really, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here (hear it creaking) and ask... if you're making cream sauce, wouldn't that be the result and not the beginning?

Student River is pretty funny. You can always tell who the student river is on CA freeways by the river of cars changing lanes to get around the slow driver.

I am one of those directionally challenged people when going to new places... it's embarrassing, really, because I have Garmin and I still get lost. (sigh) I just don't understand places I've never been before.

Do you think that sometimes the planning of a vacation or trip is the most stressful part of the whole thing?

Adam Morgan said...

I've always heard Memphis is an awful place to live. Did it seem that way to you? It's the only major Tennessee city I haven't visited.

geewits said...

~~Well the cream is added last unless you are making alfredo or cheese sauce and then the parmesan or other cheese is added last.

I told her she needed a gps and she said she had one in her glove box. I thought of you but could not think of the word "Garmin" to save my life. I told her you took your gps system to Italy and Ireland. She found that fascinating.

And no, planning a trip is fun!

~~Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to add you to my list over there. I'm glad I found your blog.

I haven't been to Memphis, but that sounds like it will be a fun party place because I wouldn't want to live in Vegas or New Orleans, either.

Carole said...

To rue or not to rue...that is the question.

A rue by any other the beginning of a cream sauce.

You will rue the day you make that cream sauce.

Yes... I know...these jokes are ruefully bad, but my cream sauce is very tasty!

You'll have to forgive me, I've been on migraine meds for 3 days now and they're effecting my brain.

geewits said...

~~Hee hee. And you do know it's spelled "roux" right?

xup said...

Jazz was born in New Orleans? I thought she was from Montreal - ha ha THAT's niche humour! I also thought the cream thing was funny. Gosh darn those kids

geewits said...

~~That's funny. I didn't even think about that when I typed it.

Scarlet said...

I envy your road trip...the fact that you're going to Memphis and exploring funky town with your daughter makes me want to make summer plans (but I can't due to starting the new job). :(

Once again, I'll have to live vicariously through you.

Btw, thanks for the link to your friend's recent blog entry. I don't think the painting looks like me (too young and pretty), but thanks for thinking of me. It's a very cool piece!

geewits said...

~~Too young and pretty? No, I don't think so. You're silly. I hope this job works out well and then next year you can take a long vacation.

Jazz said...

That sounds a million times better than a school reunion.

As for "I started with the cream" bad cook as I am, I thought that was hilarious...

Big Brother said...

You're going to Memphis and not even going to Graceland... Elvis, who is now living incognito in an old folks home in Montreal, will be very upset. ;o)
You add the cream a the end, and here I was thinking that it came out of a can.

Carole said...
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Carole said...

Gee, thanks for the spelling. I tried to find the correct spelling before I commented, but didn't know how to spell roux, so couldn't look "roux" up. Doh! I did find lots of "rue" recipes on-line though, and they all meant "roux", but when I looked up "rue" on Wikipedia I found out it is a plant, and is actually used in some "rue" recipes. So maybe the question is to roux or not to rue? haha

Rue (Ruta) is a genus of strongly scented evergreen subshrubs 20-60 cm tall, in the family Rutaceae, native to the Mediterranean region, Macronesia and southwest Asia. Different authors accept between 8 and 40 species in the genus. The most well-known species is the Common Rue.

geewits said...

~~Also you are a road trip lover, so I can see how you'd like that better. And I bet you'd like listening to some old Memphis Blues.

Big Brother,
~~Canada has cream sauce in a can? Yikes. And you couldn't pay me to go to Graceland.

~~Who knew? I thought "rue" just meant "regret." I had no idea it was a plant!

Daryl said...

Gotta tell you that Beale St can be seen in one night .. and if you want some amazing BBQ go to the place that is across from the Peabody Hotel, I cant think of the name but its famous ...

And be prepared .. Memphis is like being in a sauna ..