Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Postcards From The Edge

I was going to do a post about zoos and was looking for an ancient picture of myself as a small child at the D.C. zoo when I ran across a batch of old postcards. Daryl over at on the M104 occasionally posts old postcards and I think they are way cool so I thought, hey! I'll post these. And by these, I mean two postcards that my brother sent.
To put these in context, my brother had just gotten out of the Air Force. He had been stationed in Denver. Apparently his old high school friend Jay met him out there after he was "released" and they traveled west. If I remember corrrectly, they actually walked and hitchhiked. I was in college at the time at UNC-Greensboro. I was 18 and my brother was 22. I notice he started out with my college city on the first postcard and then changed it and sent it to Dad's house, then somehow got my college address for the second one. I hope you find these as amusing as I did.


Jazz said...

I love old postcards, they look so weird. I have one lying around that I should scan - though I have no idea who the people written to are.

Mr. Jazz said...

Love the postcard from SFO where it seems "Foxes" like you abound. For me, SFO = Anchor Steam, my favorite US beer.


Daryl said...

Fabulous ..I didnt know you had this blog as well as the one about .. you know what .. LOL ... and you should link this to the Friday Postcard MEME

xup said...

I wonder if any of the people on that postcard know they're on a postcard and have collected them over the years? That would be a fun thing to do. Send them all over and get people to send them back to you from various countries and then you'd have an international collection of the same postcard with you on it

geewits said...

~~How do you have a stranger's postcard?

Mr. Jazz,
~~lol! I had forgotten guys used to call girls foxes until I found that postcard.

~~This is my regular blog. That one is just for random occasional observations.

~~It was taken from such a distance, I doubt anyone knew. I looked at it closely after I read your comment and it is funny to see all of the 70's clothes. There were a lot of bellbottoms. Also the photgrapher was Italian and the card was printed in Italy, which I thought was goofy.

VioletSky said...

Old postcards are a great collectors item.

I don't think my brother ever thought of me as a "fox", I was probably just a "kid" until last year.

Jammie J. said...

Your brother is funny. Kind of like you're funny. In a good way. :)

geewits said...

~~Maybe he just never told you.

~~We are very immature.

Adam Morgan said...

UNC-G! My Mom went there for two years before transferring to Chapel Hill to be with my Dad. Thanks for making me all nostalgic for the Carolinas...