Friday, June 05, 2009

I Love Google Earth

I really love Google Earth. While my husband was in L.A. earlier this week, I could see where he was and the walk he took to go to the thing he was there for. Sometimes I look at Mom's house. Sometimes I look at my beach cottage or the French Quarter or NYC. While I was looking at L.A. I took a little cruise along the Pacific coast.
I also checked my house yesterday and they have finally updated the picture. It shows my "new" deck and my little red truck. Both are over 4 years old, so even though the picture is new, it's not new. And if you're wondering how I know that, it's because a building that has gone up in the past 6 or 8 months near here has not even begun in the picture.
While I was cruising the area, I checked out the old "cracked house."
I've mentioned this house many times, I think. When My Sweetie and I got together we rented this house because it was next to my daughter's school and had three bathrooms. That's all the positives. This thing had been slowly and oddly "remodeled" over the years by drunken monkeys and had a terrible foundation problem. But I couldn't help but laugh as I looked at it. And I was laughing at my daughter. She was constantly asking for a ride to school. I know!? And when we'd walk out after a volleyball game she'd look at the parking lot and wail, "You didn't drive?" I am not kidding.
I remember a few times when I was out mowing or edging and Kate's P.E. class was running around that track and all these girls were yelling, "Hey Kate's Mom!!" and Kate looked mortified. And once a CareFlite helicopter landed right there under the word school when a kid got knocked out playing football. That was loud. He was okay.
There used to be a baseball field in the corner right across from the house, but it looks like they moved the track over. If you notice, you can see the outline of the old track just to the left of the current track. And I just noticed it is no longer marked for football. Anyway, kids used to play softball in that corner in the evenings and on weekends and the ones that knew Kate would come over and knock on our door and ask to use the bathroom. That was kind of annoying, but I always said okay.
It was a really weird house and we were glad to get out of there after Kate finished middle school, but it still makes me laugh that she always wanted a ride.


Michael said...

I like Google Earth-ing my old house. See if anyone is drowning in the pool my dad built.

Jazz said...

Amazing what mortifies a teenager...

I'd have to google earth the cottage. Last time I looked that area wasn't even on GE.

Mr. Jazz said...

There's inevitably a price to pay when you have three bathrooms and those kids made sure that you did. And that old track mark could very well be one o' them crop circles that were made by "visitors"....

xup said...

What did we do with our time before the internet? And ya, teenagers are a breed unto themselves. It gets better, right???

Jammie J. said...

I'm a "street view" junkie. You know how when you go to and look up directions to somewhere? I like to drag that little man and look at all the streets he can be dragged to. It's quite fun dragging a little man around and I really don't mean that in a bad way.

I love your cracked house stories. And I think it's hilarious that she always wanted a ride, especially when she would run right by the house during her P.E. class. :)

Carole said...

It is always fun getting on Google Earth with you over the phone late-late at night. We live 2 houses apart, yet we travel hundreds of miles and walk around together! Amazing! haha I too love the street view of google maps. I've taken walks all over my old neighborhood.

I remember when I went on MOW with you and you showed me the cracked house and Kate's old school. Funny stories. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I like Google Earth too, but I also find it a bit creepy. Occasionally I've looked for people I've lost touch with from a few years ago, and it's like looking into their lives without them knowing it. It seems all so close and yet so far away, if that makes sense?

It can make me feel really sad.

geewits said...

~~Was it a dangerous pool?

~~Apparently they don't update much. My parents' campground doesn't even have any campers in the "new" section which is no longer new.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Yes apparently aliens landed there and also stole the footbal field.

~~Pre-internet, I would look at maps for hours at a time. It's just a natural progression for me.

~~I get almost vertigo doing those street view things. And yeah, she was very lazy, huh?

~~And we can see which of our neighbors have pools!

Cool Joe,
~~That's not good. Google Earth is supposed to be fun. And maybe you should give some of those people a call?

Fragrant Liar said...

Hey, another Texan blogger. I'm down south of Austin.

My first visit to your blog. Love it. Good writing is important to me, and you have that in spades.

geewits said...

~~Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment, but hmmmmm, aren't you a liar? :)

Pearl said...

A bloggy friend sent me a pic of my house on GE before I knew it existed. He had it practically at street level and it kinda freaked me out.

He was from Russia and I had to wonder what else he had me...


Jammie J. said...

Ohh, your comment to Carole -- which of your neighbors have pools! *must go visit Google earth now*


Scarlet said...

Believe it or not, I've never even tried Google Earth...but it sounds cool (a little creepy as LLCJ says, but cool nevertheless).

I was LOL at the girls yelling "Kate's Mom!" and your daughter looking mortified. Sounds like me in kindgergarten with my great aunt shouting my name and yelling at me in Spanish in front of all the American kids. Now THAT'S worse!!

geewits said...

~~Did he have your address? If not, it's only slightly creepy as he is a LONG way away.

~~Gonna check to see if your boss has a pool?

~~I remember that story about your tia. I bet you were so cute. I've actually looked for your house going by some of your posts and I think I have the area narrowed down. But I may be way off.

LoLa said...

I love google earth too! I wonder if they'll ever step up the updating? One of the things I really love about your writing is your little the one about your daughter wanting a ride in this post. And your finished tile photo in the last one. And "yuck city". I love that. Can I steal it?