Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Brain is Always Working

(((Disclaimer for The Queasy: The picture way down below is not an actual photo of my thumb injury. I actually took a picture of my other thumb, flipped it and did a Photoshop artistic rendering of my thumb injury. The green pain lines are also not real.)))

I got a nice early start for Meals on Wheels today. Probably my earliest since I've been trying to get there earlier. I left 6 minutes earlier than last week even though I got up an hour earlier last week. Go figure.
I saw this biker broad just after I left the church. It's pretty unusual around here to see a lone woman on a motorcycle. Taking pictures while driving is probably as bad as texting while driving because I ran over some already dead animal just after I snapped this:
My new MOW route is pretty easy. I had 9 people today with two doubles, so only 7 stops. I don't see how that is the helping the lady that had 16 people. I think I actually have fewer people than before. The only part I don't like is the trailer park because they have speed bumps. Nasty ones. I'm not in the old bad section that was flooded a few years ago (sorry I'm too lazy to link to that) but these are right next to that area. The other bad thing is that after I made all the fuss to get Mrs. V back, they took off the sweet lady that Carole made the great hat for.
After lunch, on my way to the grocery store I was driving down the road that I've driven down about 18 hundred million times when I noticed these utility poles. It really surprises me that there are still utility poles. It seems so 1940's or something:

When I got to the grocery store, just as I was heading to the meat section, the butcher came out and said hello. The Food Network chefs are always telling me to ask the butcher if I need a special cut, yet I rarely think to do it, so when I saw him I asked, "Are there any chicken leg quarters? I can never seem to find them." He told me that if I bought a whole chicken he would quarter it for me. He was so helpful that when he brought me the chicken I asked, "Is that 6 1/2 pork shoulder roast the only one you have? I wanted something smaller." Then he said he could cut me a fresh one at any size. When he came out with that I asked if I could take a picture of him for my blog:

He was funny. He said, "I don't know. I'm in the witness protection program." I said "Don't worry. Only 9 people read my blog. I think you're safe." (That's my pork roast.)
My thumb has been a real bitch. In my efforts to keep my injury dry and "out of the way," I have really inflamed the joint that has the osteoarthritis. Here is my version of my thumb:
I also noticed that it almost gave me brain damage in the shower to wash my left foot with my left hand. Everything else has been okay I guess, although it takes a lot longer to rinse my hair. And I have to use a cup to rinse my mouth after I brush my teeth.
An hour or so ago I decided my wound needed some air since it had been bandaged for probably 32 hours or more. I didn't trust myself to not bang it on something so I made a thumb cone out of one of those little plastic medicine cups that come with cough syrup:
It is working well, so I will keep it on until I'm ready to go to bed. I bet you never thought of a thumb cone before. I got the idea from when Barney had to wear his head funnel thing. My brain is always working.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very clever of you to invent that Thumb Protecter..EXCELLENT!
I just saw a short News Piece on women riding motorcycles. And how in some cases the husbands are really happy that they do and in other cases the husbands are not! It was kind of interesting.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Saaa....ay! That guy with the meat looks real familiar!!!

You should patent the thumb protector.

Big Brother said...

I noticed that the lady was riding sans helmet... here that is a big no-no and you can get fined for not wearing one. I've seen many women riding alone here, but with the helmet it's hard to tell. You'd figure that in Texas where the temperature is warm the year around there would be more women riding than here where they can only ride 6 months of the year.
Hope your thumb gets well soon. Ingenious thumb protector by the way.

ticknart said...

You know that Barney's laughing at your thumb. He hopes that you feel the humiliation he felt.

(Of course, all cats want humans to feel humiliated, but that's beside the point.)

VioletSky said...

Yeah, no helmet, and I don't think she should be wearing that flimsy backpack either.

You, however, are a geniuous with your thumb helmet.

Your butcher was probably thrilled to show off his butchery skills.

Carole said...

Gee, and your blog always helps gets my mind working too.

Your witness protection interchange with the butcher is hilarious! Wouldn't it be funny if I also ran into him at the store and asked if he was in the witness protection program. hahaha I of course won't do that though, because it sounds like you've found the secret to meat success, and I wouldn't want to spoil that. "Spoil the meat... success". hee hee I LOVE the Food Network!

A thumb cone! Clever girl! :)

Sorry your thumb is sore. Have you ever heard of those parafin wax baths for arthritic hands? I tried one once when I was a little girl at the mall and it felt sooo good. Wonder if that would help ease the pain?

Oh, and one last thing... They say when you mix things up like dressing or washing out of order, that is actually suppose to be good and stimulating for the brain.

See, I told you your blog gets me to thinking too.

xup said...

When you said "biker broad" I was expecting a big chick in leathers, not a cutie patootie in a pony tail. And ditto what everyone else said about the thumb protector -- get a patent~!

Jazz said...

I am so happy your brain is always working. The thumb thins is cool. And it's great you realized that you can "use" your butcher. Obviously, it's always better to go when he's not super busy.

Jammie J. said...

A couple of my girlfriends ride motorcycles, one of which is kind of a puzzle to me because her hair is as long as mine and she just wears it in a ponytail. That particular friend rides a crotch rocket, need for speed and all that.

I love your butcher picture and also your thumb protector. Very clever! :)

geewits said...

~~There are lots of Texas biker couples that ride together, I'm just not used to seeing a woman alone.

~~They probably have them in hospitals and they probably charge $65 or up for them

Big Brother,
~~Texans had that helmet law overturned years ago. Texans are very stubborn about their personal freedoms. And you're right about the weather. You see bikes here year round.

~~But Barney was a lot funnier in the head cone than my thumb was.

~~He really was a very helpful dude.

~~So if I continue trying to wash my left foot with my left hand it will make me smarter?

~~"Broad" just seems to fit with "biker" in my head. I would never say "biker lady." Or "Opera Broad" although there are probably some of those.

~~He seemed the opposite of super busy, more like super bored.

~~One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was jumping out of a lake with long hair, hopping on a bike and riding across town. I think it took me three hours to get the tangles out.

Scarlet said...

Ha! The thumb cone is hilarious! You are one creative, innovative chica, you know that?? Cute butcher, btw! He looks Spanish.