Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clumsy and Clutter

It's funny how bloggers can inspire each other. After reading Jazz's post, instead of tossing all my gift bags and tissue paper into the guest room closet, I actually neatly folded all the tissue paper and gift bags and put them away neatly in there in their appropriate gifty spots.
My daughter had given me these pretty wine glasses:
The only place I could think to put them was in this cabinet in here:
But where they are in that picture was where the old Coca-Cola glasses were that someone gave us 13 or 14 years ago. So I moved the coke glasses into the kitchen:

But to do that, I had to box up a bunch of my duck glasses. Yes, I said Duck Glasses. They look like this:

You can add to a very long list this other reason why I am not like other women: I do not have "place settings" or special glassware (except wine and champagne glasses). I suppose I used to have that stuff, because when I was married to my second husband, we used to have dinner parties. But now? Not so much. About five or six years ago, my MIL asked if I needed anything and I said, "We don't really have any glasses." So she gave me a giant box of different sized duck glasses. I was all, hee, hee, what? But we've been using these for years. To me they are so kitschy they are kinda cute. But enough is enough and I boxed them up. Not that Coca-Cola glasses are that much better, but it was time for a change. As for my dinner plates, I use clear glass ones that I either got at Target or a thrift store. I love clear glass plates. It's a childhood memory thing from a friend's house.
The funny thing is that most of the women that I know that actually have nice china do not use it but keep it stored away. I have all sorts of nice wine glasses and we use them. I also have good pots and pans and cooking implements, but the basics like plates and water glasses? Nope. Just random stuff.
But getting back to Jazz's post: They are decluttering to paint their apartment and I was swept up I guess, because besides putting away my gift stuff and reorganizing some cabinets, I also cleaned out my entryway closet, put away my sewing machine, "Miracle-Groed" my flowers and fixed a yard light in the backyard as well as some other general decluttering.
And speaking of fixing that light: I knocked a gross bunch of skin in a traingle shape off of my thumb while I was doing that. I also knocked some skin off of another finger on a different hand as well as clocked both elbows on things and almost broke two dinner plates today. I'm guessing being 48 is going to be the year of being clumsy. Okay, clumsier.


Gnightgirl said...

Don't you love how tackling one project trickles over to another? I cleaned son's room (now "guest" room) last weekend, but had to clean garage first, to make room for stuff I'd been storing in bedroom. It's affected every room in the house, somehow.

And still, there's not one room that's completely done, yet. It will be, give me another day or two. (Guests come Friday...)

ticknart said...

Love the shift at the end of the post. I say more skin triangles, less projects! (At least for me.)

VioletSky said...

I'm in the midst of such reorganizing clutter myself.
So far, still have all my skin on, though.

geewits said...

~~Be careful what you ask for (see next post).

~~I hope it stays that way!

Carole said...

Gee, when you said, "The funny thing is that most of the women that I know that actually have nice china do not use it but keep it stored away. I have all sorts of nice wine glasses and we use them.", it made me think of Erma Bombeck's 'If I Had My Life to Live Over' where she talks about not saving, but using and enjoying what we have in the here and now.

Jammie J. said...

I've heard of musical chairs, but never musical glasses. :)

How funny, I prefer clear glass plates, too. One of the first things I bought when I got divorced were clear glass plates, bowls, glasses and a nice set of silverware. All of which we use on a daily basis. The cups that never get used are the Star Wars plastic cups that my husband got and keeps as collectibles. *sigh*

sa said...