Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Laughing WITH and AT Me

Laugh WITH me:
I'll start this story by telling you I will no longer get to sleep in the teeny tiny cabin:
My parents bought a place near the beach:
But here is the funny part. After Mom called and told me, I found the place on the internet and it had all sorts of pictures and here is a picture of one of the rooms:

Now here is the really funny part. It comes pretty much as is. That means they will have to deal with all that junk! I've been walking around for TWO DAYS laughing maniacally and shouting "PAYBACKS ARE HELL!!" (If you are new here, I spent the better part of last year going through and cleaning out my parents' house here after they pretty much abandoned it to retire to N.C.) heh heh heh heh HA HA HA HA.
Now Laugh AT me:
Two weeks ago we installed a pet door that goes from a door in our garage to our side yard. I placed it as far away from the doorknob as possible, but after we put it in, we tested it and you CAN reach through and open the door. So I did a temporary thing until I could replace it with a key only deadbolt:
And what is that stuff on the door, you ask? That's my homemade boobytrap:

But that's not the funny part. Monday morning, Mrs.V, my meals on wheels lady, called to tell me she had "found" some pots that a neighbor had put out for trash. She asked if I could bring her some potting soil. I said, sure and when My Sweetie got home from work I said, "Tomorrow I'm going to go get some dirt and a keylock deadbolt for the garage." He asked if I needed any money and I laughed and said, "You just gave me $60 and I'm only getting a deadbolt and some dirt!" Well I am stoopid and have no idea how much stuff costs. I bought the deadbolt, two extra keys, the dirt and a few flowers and it was $70!! I imagined everything would cost about $40. Hell, the deadbolt was $45! How stupid am I?
But I thought my booby trap was pretty cool.


Jazz said...

Laugh with you: Karma, they say, is a bitch.

And I like that booby trap. And I have no clue how much things cost in a hardware store either.

Scarlet said...

That booby trap had me lol, to the point where I had to put my coffee cup down before I splattered dark stuff all over my pj's. You crack me up, Chica!! :D~

ticknart said...

Has Barney played with your trap, yet? Does he like his door?

Gnightgirl said...

Is THAT what poked me when I tried to let myself in?!!

Jammie J. said...

Oh my hell, yeah, I'm chuckling about the house on the beach. Do your parents know? I mean, I guess they must, right?

Your booby trap is funny, too. What exactly is that thing stuck on that cord, anyway? It looks like a weird hair clip... yes, I put weird things like that in my hair.

You know I had to break into my old condo once reaching through the kitty door in garage access door. While doing that, I pulled a muscle in my boob that hurt for a week. I don't think I'd make a good robber, I'd pull all sorts of weird boob muscles, I'm afraid.

Holland said...

Your trap was very creative and really funny, but I cracked up with your parents new house... Paybacks are soooo good!!!! LOL

geewits said...

~~Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. Karma. hehe hehe

~~I thought it was creative at least. I'm glad I made you laugh.

~~He likes the door. He cracks me up going through it. And no he never noticed that thing it was a little too high for him I guess.

~~I hope you take Band-aids when you break and enter! (And your comment cracked me up by the way.)

~~Well at least your boobs have muscles. No those things are a line of stapler type things for attaching wires to a wall and they are VERY sharp. Do not put them on your head!

~~No kidding and at least the stuff I had to get rid of from my parents' house was good stuff. That looks like a lot of crap. My husband said it looked like Southern Living magazine puked up all their rejects.