Friday, April 17, 2009

The Accidental Theme

I'm not a member of any of those blogging communities that have theme days and tell you what to write about or take a picture of, but as I was thinking about some little pictures and stories I wanted to tell, I realized they actually have a theme. They are all Red . . . and Stupid.

I potted some geraniums today and as I was looking at them I got this poem in my head. It was almost a fully formed poem, so I figured I must have read it somewhere, but I did a google search and didn't see anything like it:

My Geranium Poem
To find a rhyme for geranium
has really stretched my cranium
and I'm afraid I've put a drainium
on my tiny little brainium.
Two years ago, after the BIG hailstorm, My Sweetie took my truck to the insurance claims place to get an estimate for the hail damage and had a little tiny wreck there in the insurance parking lot. He hit the insurance company's security guard's truck. My Sweetie felt really bad, but my truck was already pockmarked by hail at this point so I didn't really care. Now I use the dent to hold my shopping cart in place while I unload groceries:


I keep what I call "junk towels" on a shelf in my laundry room for spills and things and the other day I spilled some beer in the hallway and grabbed the one on top and it was some goofy fancy tassled little towel that I "inherited" when I emptied out Mom's house last year. Today I washed it:

Apparently it was not meant to be washed, which is pretty stupid for a towel, and this is what happened to the missing tassles:

The rest are in the dryer.
Have a great weekend. I hope it is neither red, nor stupid.


Jazz said...

That poem can't have ever existed anywhere else. It's PURE Geewits. I wanna move to Texas and be your next door neighbor. You could drink beer, I'd drink wine and we'd spend our free time laughing at the world

Mr. Jazz said...

Hilarious post! Didn't you know you can't trust tassles? As for your "poem", it's a far cry better than any of Marjorie Weber's work (a (self) published poet no less). If you don't know who she is, ask Jazz. And you gave me a great idea to hold those shopping carts. They always seem to want to roll away. Since our car is also red, an eventual self-inflicted dent should do the trick.

Have a GREAT weekend! I also take this opportunity to wish myself a great vacation on your behalf ;-)

Gnightgirl said...

I'm dubbing you "Geewits Silverstein" and you should write a book of poetry. Or declare a silly (yet clever) poem day.

I laaaaaaaaaghed at your washer. I'm sorry, it just took me by surprise.

geewits said...

~~And you'd rarely be cold ever again!

Mr. Jazz,
~~Oh no! Do not put a dent in your cute car! Thanks for the kudos and have a GREAT vacation.

~~Well I think you'd love my lizard poem:

To be a lizard is to seem,
To be an animal of green,
That walks around on four cute feet,
To find some insects for to eat.

I wrote that in 8th grade. Mrs. Yoder was NOT pleased.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Liked this post and the theme. All unrelated but all red and stupid. I think it is inspired. Funny thing about the towel with tassels though.

raino said...

thats the funniest thing ever. looks like you washed a cat or dog!!! lol yes, that is stupid for a towel.

Jammie J. said...

Well, now I'm all puzzled, because how do you get a towel clean if you can't wash it? Are you even allowed to dry clean towels? Wouldn't the dry cleaner laugh at you? Oh dear.

Love the shopping cart holder. Very clever.

Geraniums are fun flowers. Love your poem. :)

Big Brother said...

I really like you idea of using your dent to hold the shopping cart... very innovative. ;o)

Scarlet said...

That poem is wonderful! I agree with Jazz, it's pure you! Can I be your next-door neighbor, too...on the other side??

Carole said...

Hey Gee, loved your geranium, cranium, drainium, brainium poem! I've heard you rhyme off the cuff before and you've always got a good rhyme or two in you!

I washed my chenille throw with tassles about 2 years ago, and promptly had to bag what was left of it up and toss it away. My washer looked even worse than yours did.

It looks like your towel at least survived! haha

geewits said...

~~Thanks, and yeah, wasn't that stupid?

~~A dog or a cat? In the washer? That would make for a good post. :)

~~Yeah, the towel didn't make any sense but I'll never get up enough nerve to as Mom about it.

Big Brother,
~~I always wonder if people in the parking lot notice and wonder if that's how I got it.

~~Yes, please join us and remember that on the other side already has the nice new stone wall.

~~Being all thrifty and all, I cut off the tassled end and kept the rest for my junk towels. I could use it if I EVER wash my truck.

Anonymous said...

You really are the most inspired person ever -- using a dent to hold your shopping cart! I'll bet you find a way to make use of all the crap in the washer and dryer left over from the towel.

geewits said...

~~No, I scooped it all up in one hand, took a picture and tossed it in the trash. Should I have kept it? They were red and gold. Maybe I could have made a Christmas ornament.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Towel That SHREDS??? LOL! Oh Dear. What is the world coming to....! Nothing is made the way it used to be, is it?

LoLa said...

Happy Bday, mischiefmaker. I just got home from my Dad's Bday dinner.

Anonymous said...