Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Saturday Night Out

Saturday night was really fun even with my broken toe:
On Friday My Sweetie worked on that patch of ground to get it ready for the new sod while I did a much needed cleaning on the garage. We have a long table in there that was completely covered about two feet high with stuff. It was ridiculous. There were even two boxes from Mom's house from last year. Carole and her husband stopped by to check on the sod work and just after they left, I headed back into the house from the garage. The house sits higher than the garage floor by 8 inches and my brain knows this. We've lived here almost eight years and I keep my beer in the garage so I go out there all the time. For some reason on Friday, even though my brain knows about that 8 inches, my right leg somehow forgot and SMACK!! And that poor toe, it always catches hell, it's the longest toe on my longest foot so if contact is made, it is always that toe. You can even see in the pictures a healing slice just to the left of the nail from an injury a couple of weeks ago:

Anyway, I kept working in the garage and just hobbled a bit, but hours later after I took my shower, I could really feel it throbbing, so I just taped it to the next toe. Saturday morning when I got up, I tried on every single pair of black shoes I owned just to see what I would be able to wear and finally found a pair of shoes I bought when my grandmother died but decided they didn't really go with the dress I had bought for the funeral, so I had never worn them. Maybe I was subconsciously planning for years later when I would injure my toe.
We went to 8.0 for an early dinner and drinks and as we were leaving, there was a man in the entry with a cockatoo. I asked if we could take a picture with it. I thought I was just going to stand next to the man but without warning he put that bird on my shoulder so this is how I photograph when I am having a mild heart attack:
Just for comparison, here is how I look without someone scaring the bejeezus out of me by putting a giant scary bird on my body:

After that we walked over to Bass Performance Hall and saw Bob Newhart. I had imagined his show would be somewhat like Carol Burnett's show but it was nothing like it. He didn't really talk too much about his old TV shows, he actually did mostly stand-up comedy and it was even a bit edgy, which was a fun surprise. And I had "My Movie Moment." In every movie that I see, there is always one thing that makes me burst out with a loud guffaw all by myself. And it happened there. It was strange hearing my lone loud laugh echoing all over Bass Hall, but I'm pretty used to it by now.
After we left there we walked across the street to City Lights. My toe was feeling okay and I very "smartly" said, "Hey, I'm a trained dancer. I can dance flat footed." So we danced and danced and had lots of fun. On Sunday when I woke up, my toe felt okay, but my right calf was completely shot. From dancing flat-footed.
So I am still limping around, not because of my toe, but because of my calf. But I had a great night and would do it all over again in an instant.


VioletSky said...

It would be fun to hear Bob Newhart being edgy!

Good thing to be light on your feet, eh?!

Jammie J. said...

That toe even looks like it's throbbing. Yeee-OUCH!

I love that picture of you with the bird. Or the bird on you. Or you both together tilting stiffly away from each other. It's very funny. Love the comparison shot, too, of you all happy with your beer.

Jammie J. said...

Oh, I meant to say on your "Movie Moment" -- I'm surprised people don't "follow laugh". I thought everyone follow laughed? Like clapping? One person claps, everyone claps? No?

Carole said...

Ouchies on the toe. I guess being the second toe makes it the index toe. :) My second toe is also my longest toe, but only on my left foot. Hmmm...

Anyway, glad the sore toe didn't get in the way of your fun evening. You and your cockatoo pal make a great picture! I'm curious what caused your "Movie Moment".

Jazz said...

You hide the terror well. What a beautiful bird! I wish I had been there, I'd love to hold one.

Gnightgirl said...

Ouch, ouch, my toe hurts in sympathy for your toe. Glad you had a good time; the bird pic reminded me of my (drunkenly) asking to model someone's snake last year. The minute it was around my neck I realized what I'd just done. Bleah!

geewits said...

~~Light on my feet? lol

~~I'm always happy with my beer! As for the the Guffaw moment, apparently it is always something that is just funny to me. There are usually a few little titters of people laughing at ME, not at the joke.

~~I wish I could remember what the special funny moment was, too. As for your long toe being on your left foot, we should make sure never to run up on each other.

~~I wish you had been there, too!

~~But you looked all foxy modeling that snake. I look like the cowardly lion in drag.

Scarlet said...

Sounds like a wonderful night out on the town...bad toe and all. I LOVE your "I'll do it flat foot" attitude! :)

As for Bob Newhart, I can't imagine his humor being edgy. Interesting.

I really like your cockatoo photo. It's funny and cute...but your more relaxed beer-drinking picture is a lot cuter, of course. ;)

XUP said...

You're so gosh-darned cute -- with AND without the bird.

Ian Lidster said...

I think Bob Newhart is one of the funniest people ever -- I dig drollness. Lucky you. Not so lucky about the toe, however. That looks horribly painful.

geewits said...

~~Newhart was almost unPC and I loved it!

~~I bet you say that to all your readers.

~~No kidding - he is the King of Droll.

LoLa said...

I'd love to have seen Bob Newhart! He is hilarious. XUP does NOT say that to all her readers.

P.S. Please stop with the toe pictures.

raino said...

alright. although i don't comment often or often enough here i visit a lot and always laugh my arse off but this time i cringed when i saw that toe. i have been there ! it has a heart beat of its own right?? ah,,, anyhow, then i laughed at that god damned bird on your shoulder. oh, and i though bob was dead, no? guess not, cause you said he was funny and edgy was it?

raino said...

i have to say that the reason i thought bob was dead is that years and years ago, when i was a kid, i always remember my parents having friends over on a saturday night and putting his 'album' on...and the jokes were funny - even to me! i think in one of the skits he was a drivers ed teacher....its all coming back now. memories.

geewits said...

~~Hi! Thanks for visiting. I agree, no more foot pictures of any kind. Hmmm, maybe Xup has a crush on me?

~~Most people don't know this but that album topped Elvis and The Beatles on the album sales charts. Your parents were right on top of things!

raino said...

jeesh - no kiddin' eh!

sa said...