Friday, April 10, 2009

Mad and Chewy

I was SPITTIN' MAD on Wednesday. I walked into the church and set down my stuff and a seemingly disembodied voice asked, "How are you today?" I looked around and she said "I'm over here." Sitting in the corner behind a large fake plant was the poor volunteer from last week that had a million people. I had gotten a bad feeling last week when she had so many people and I only had 7. But it was worse than I imagined. She was complaining that she had all sorts of new and different people and was sitting there looking them up on the mapsco. I snatched my route sheet up and sure enough, not only did I have 5 new people but was missing several people AND Mrs.V. was GONE. Something like this happened almost two years ago and I raised hell, so why did they do it again? I was feeling a little berserk and went out to my car to grab my phone and call in. Apparently the MOW people are dimmer than glow worms, because they told me the reason they had to change everything was because one lady had 16 people and her route took 2 hours.
Okay, now see if you can follow me here: My new route had 10 people, which was about what I normally have, but I had 5 new people. When I went back inside, I asked the lady that had 16 people before how many she had now. She said FOURTEEN. Yes, 14. Okay so she had only two fewer people but had all different people and had to spend 20 minutes finding them on the map. I had about my usual average amount but also had to spend the extra time mapping them as I imagine all the other volunteers had to do.
There are 5 (FIVE) routes out of that spot. Why didn't they just take 6 people from that lady and spread them amongst the other 4 routes? Then she would have 10 and the rest of us would have had 10 or 11. What is so complicated about that? Man I was SO irritated.
Same as the last time, I told them, "If I'm not going to have Mrs. V, find a replacement for me and put me on a waiting list to volunteer in 'my city'. The only reason I drive all the way over here is because of her." I even had dirt and flowers to take to her house which I did anyway. Well they called me back and said she is back on my route. She was very happy to hear that, because she missed all her people. And speaking of that, one of my "new" guys said to me (in a crotchety old man voice), "You tell your bosses for me that I miss my little buddy!" I did.
It's bad enough we had to find all these new addresses, which were not new, but these old folks are also used to their regular delivery people. I felt bad for that old man, he didn't know me, he wanted his regular lady and her cute little daughter. And if you are soft-hearted like My Sweetie and were thinking, "Hey, it's a volunteer organization." I will tell you what I told him - the office people are salaried employees. But I've vented enough about that and they put Mrs. V. back on my route.
My Sweetie took today (Thursday) and Friday off. So we ran some errands. We went to the liquor store and I bought some pretty colored bottles:
We also got some more Fruit Stripe gum:
The Fruit Stripe gum story: I am an odd creature of habit. Well, okay, I'm just an odd creature, but here's where the habit part comes in: Every night after dinner, I make a glass of iced tea, go out for a smoke, come back in and take a Super B vitamin formula capsule, a flaxseed oil capsule and a fish oil capsule. Then I floss, and chew one stick of Fruit Stripe gum. Every night.
The only place I can find Fruit Stripe gum is at the CVS Pharmacy. Well a few days back I noticed a sign on the gum box that said: CLEARANCE! Get them while they last! I found that very disturbing. Now I stop at every CVS and grab 4 or 6 packs. I'm going to keep buying them until they are gone and then I will be sad. I know the saying is "All good things come to an end." But why? WHY?
The booby trap is gone. I installed a keylock deadbolt on the garage door.
Today we are going to put sod down on a bare part of our yard. My in-laws gave us their old tiller (that was another errand we ran) and we are going to wear ourselves out I imagine. Then on Saturday we are going downtown to see Bob Newhart. Woot woot! And maybe some dancing afterwards.
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I don't know what dat is:
But it was parked across the street. Have a great weekend!


Scarlet said...

Tha's one of those "smart cars." Cool! I see them all over Miami.

Fruit Stripe gum, however, I haven't seen a pack since 1979! Something like that. I used to buy it at the corner store along with Good 'n Fruity and Sugar Daddys (or is it Daddies?).

Have a great Good Friday and a wonderful weekend!! I'm glad you got Mrs. V. back and I know she's thrilled to have YOU back. :)

ticknart said...

So, the bottles, are you patient enough to drink everything first, or are you just gonna split and polish?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is The Smart Car! It looks real cute, doesn't it? I have no idea if it is really as great as they say....But, I hope it is!


Jammie J. said...

I hope your MOW route gets straightened out soon. That sounds very stressful to me. Something that you get used to doing in a routine and then they go and throw it all into chaos? Gah! Now it's stressful and nerve wracking and you're trying to do a good thing and help people -- you think they'd appreciate that! Also, you build relationships with those people and they expect the routine.

Those cars are funny, aren't they? We saw them in Italy when we went, and they customized their paint jobs and stuff. They look pretty roomy inside, actually, and I told Tony if I ever had to get rid of my Miata, I wanted one of those because I could fit it on the little "apron" of a driveway that we have and that would totally piss of the vulture tow truck driver who monitors our community. hehe

When they came to the US, one of the ladies at my job bought one for her daughter. Except she drives it more than her daughter does. I guess they're about $13k...

Carole said...

When you came by Wednesday, I was having a really sad day, and you totally brightened it up! So...even though you had a tough MOW day, you were a blessing to me. Thanks!

I love Fruit Stripe gum! I'll keep an eye out for it for you at my odd grocery stores too.

geewits said...

~~I haven't thought of Sugar Daddies in years!

~~We'll drink most of it first. We'll be at the beach next month, so more beach rocks is at the top of my tumbler "to do" list.

~~I don't know if it's smart or not but it's really cute!

~~What is it with the planners and those tiny driveways? I had one at an apartment once and my stepdad's truck didn't even fit in it.

~~I had no idea. You're so naturally cheerful. I did finish that pillow. Oh and I broke my toe just seconds after you guys left on Friday. I'll post about that later.

Jazz said...

Thats a... ok, everyone has already said that. I guess y'all don't have many around cause they're just too small for Texas and we all know EVERYTHING's bigger in Texas!

Dumb MOW people.

geewits said...

~~My husband says he sees those cars everywhere, but that's the first one I've seen. Maybe they are only out before noon?