Friday, April 24, 2009

I Have a Stupid Question

If I wear my reading glasses outside, won't my face catch on fire?


Big Brother said...

I suppose it depends on whether you are near or far sighted...;o)

xup said...

They're reading glasses BB, which means they're magnifying glasses, So, Geewits, I think if you angled them just right, facing directly into the sun and if your face was as dry as kindling it could very well catch on fire. Be careful, eh?

ticknart said...

Well, since glasses focus the light better at the back of your eye, it's more likely that you'd start to boil your eyeball first. Of course, if you're staring at the sun anyway, you're going to out your retinas and be blind, so you may as well get a nice boil going, too.

Carole said...

Not if you wear them NIGHT. Also, if it's completely cloudy and overcast outside I doubt that your face would catch afire.

It's so hot here in the middle of summer that I'm not even sure you have to be wearing your reading glasses for that to happen though. :)

Jammie J. said...

What I wanna know is, what's close enough outside that you're trying to read with your reading glasses?

VioletSky said...

If the sun is that bright, you should either go inside to read, or just lay back, close your eyes and let the sun fry you naturally, in its own sweet time. I'd opt for going back inside.

Scarlet said...

I say if you start to feel a little warm in the face, it's not a hot flash...take off the reading glasses!! :)

geewits said...

~~I don't think near-sighted people even need reading glasses.

~~I will!

~~Boiled eyeballs. That's probably something that sounds appetizing to someone somewhere.

~~No kidding. I've felt the heat from asphalt through my shoe soles so many times in the summer, I've thought my shoes would melt.

~~Well I was thinking of taking some books to read on my beach vacation. Maybe I'll sit under an umbrella.

~~Like I said above, this is for my beach vacation. I will be outside, but I don't have to read.

~~I'm thinking now to sit under an umbrella if I want to read and if I want to get some sun - no reading.