Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Some Beach Memories

After a lot of work - my imaging computer crashed on me twice - I finally got some images downloaded. I fell in love with these three chairs:
They were on the deck next to and slightly below us that never had visitors. That was nice for us and privacy but not so great for the economy. On the other hand we were there the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend so I'm sure people were there just after we left. I loved looking down at them every day.
For my birthday I had asked Mom for a game for the beach and some sidewalk chalks. We drew goofy phrases and pictures on the railings around the deck:

Every once in a while someone would lean against the "drawings" and then walk around with a word or two on their butt.
This is my sand cat. He was being reclaimed by the sea when I took this picture:

Below is a picture of Mom and me. Notice how the water looks almost like the Caribbean that day:

And then a few days later it was totally grey:

Also in the above picture, notice how high the water is against the pier. It was crazy. I made a movie that I will show later. I had never seen the water that high. That was on Tuesday, the 25th, which I call "Tidesday". It was caused by a combination of a tropical depression and the full moon. The surfers loved it, but I wasn't crazy about it.
I have some more pictures and the story of the trip, but I didn't want to have a giant long post. Plus, I think I'm kinda blue to be back home in the oppressive heat (10° above normal) after such a great trip. I'll say again for not the first or last time, I had a wonderful vacation and loved almost every single minute of it.


Lolo said...

I had a word on my butt and one on my hip from the chalk! Hey, where is a picture of me? I was there!!! Had a great time!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You can see how happy and relaxed you are in that picture with your Mom....So happy to hear that you had a WONDERFUL time. Those chairs look like they are for July! It sure is beautiful there.

Carole said...

So that is what a Geewits sand cat looks like! Cat's facial expression totally captures you! Enjoyed your pictures and looking forward to more pics and videos.

Big Brother said...

Sand thou art and into sand thou shalt return. Poor puthy cat!!

geewits said...

~You should have seen the cool island pic I drew. I bet that would have looked neat on a butt. Still working on the pics.

~~Thanks, yeah I really love it there. That chair on the left is actually bright green. I guess the sun washed it out.

~~Glad you liked Sand Cat. It was fun to make. We'll have to do a TV picture show soon.

Big Brother,
~~Great poem! Now I want to do something with your line and my picture. Thanks for the idea.

XUP said...

A couple of months ago there was a big contretemp in one of the townhouse complexes in the city. A young child had drawn a bunch of flowers and rainbows and other stuff with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks between the townhouses. People complained to the condo board about this "appalling graffiti" and the mother of the child was ordered to wash the sidewalks immediately and to never let that happen again. Probably Ottawa would not be a good vacation spot for you.

geewits said...

~~Most of it got rained off and I washed the rest off. I wouldn't leave it like that!

Jocelyn said...

Primary colors are endlessly appealing, I think. Those chairs ARE fun to look at.

Whenever I come home from a vacation, I quickly feel that I need a vacation. Maybe you could write some chalk words on your rear end to make you feel like it hasn't ended.

geewits said...

~~That's funny about the chalk, but I left it there. Mom lives near the beach so I store bedsheets, towels and things (toys) at her place.

Jazz said...

Love the Tidesday picuture. Actually I love the ocean in any guise.

XUP said...

I don't know why. Nothing wrong with a little sidewalk chalk art. I think those townhouse people are nuts.

VioletSky said...

I love seeing chalkart on driveways and such. it seems to remind me of a simple past time of hop scotch and rainbows.

There is a home nearby where, I guess, the father travels a lot and the kids leave welcome home messages for him at least 3 times a month. I always smile when I walk past their driveway.

geewits said...

~Then you'll love the movie!

~As Granny liked to say, "Ain't no accounting for taste."

~That sounds sweet!