Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Back

I'm back from the beach but moving slowly and lazily. I haven't downloaded or even looked at my pictures yet. (I stole this one from my friend's facebook page.) That was Saturday night (the 22nd) walking on the beach at low tide. My friend, Lo, surprised me with a giant sparkler. After my brain acclimates to the Texas heat and I remember how to move around, I'll get some picture organization going on and tell some stories. I had a great time.


XUP said...

Welcome back. It always sucks when a lovely holiday is over. But nevermind - there will be another one soon, right? Can't wait to hear your stories

VioletSky said...

You are a tease, but I know your stories will be good, so I'll give you time to wrap your head around the idea of being home again.

mrwriteon said...

Could you send us a tiny bit of Texas heat? We need it, as do all west coasters. Wendy said yesterday while looking at house prices on HGTV and considering our current weather, that we should move to Texas. Warm and housing about half in cost to what it is here.

geewits said...

~~Another one soon? When?

~~Haven't really done that yet but must keep moving.

~~Hot not warm, but yes!- you get a crazy lotta house for the money.