Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Holy Cow! I'm a RESOURCE!

Remember that footstool I made last year? I get hits on it every single day. Apparently there are hordes of people in the world (mostly the UK) that want to make a footstool.
Today I got a hit on it coming directly from someplace called My Interior Decorator. I was all what? How do you get here from there? So I checked it out. She gives instructions on recovering a footstool and she has my blog listed as a resource. I'm a resource! How crazy is that? Now I'm going to dance around and sing "I'm a resource! I'm a resource!" Be glad you can't see me.


VioletSky said...

Wow. Who knew footstools were so popular and well loved!
What's your next project, O Resource One?

Jazz said...

I don't even have a footstool. I'm so out of the loop...

Now I need a footstool, since I know a RESOURCE!

Mr. Jazz said...

You are not a resource: you are THE SOURCE!

XUP said...

I'll bet you're a secret resource for all sorts of things. I know I've made some of your recipes and I'll bet other people have used your home decor tips --not me, because I don't do home decor, but if I did, I'd use some of your ideas for sure.

Big Brother said...

Wow you’ve become a bibliography. You’ve hit the big time... You are now an official footstool guru... ;o)

geewits said...

~~My MIL asked me that the other day and all I could muster was, "Well I need to vacuum." But I did that already.

~~Apparently everyone wants to make one. I have no idea why. Our chair was just too high. Maybe everyone has a chair like that. Or very short legs or something.

Mr. Jazz,
~~hee hee, that's me!

~~I'm flattered. I don't even have recipes. I just put stuff together.

Big Brother,
~~A bibliography! I'm a big girl now!