Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Smile

If you're far from the sea and missing it, here are two pics My Sweetie took last month on our beach vacation. This one is the place we buy our fresh shrimp:

And this was a boat just outside of the seafood market place:

Oh how I miss the beach. But I have a wedding to plan and stuff to paint and food to deliver. The beach will always be there waiting for me. And that makes me smile.


Jazz said...

To always have a place waiting for you at the beach. That's some kind of wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your photos transported me back to Halifax. I do miss living by the ocean and all the lovely fresh fish. I've never lived so far away from a large body of water as I am now in Ottawa. I think that might be why I don't really feel at home here. Must get back to some water.

Gnightgirl said...

Jealous. Shrimp: Cleaned or whole? Heads on or off? I'm gearing up to buy fresh (frozen, flown into Chicago, trucked to Champaign) shrimp from a new local asian store.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I sure do understand lovig the Beach and the Ocean....How great that Fresh Seafood place looks, and the Boat, too....!
Good luck with those Wedding plans!

geewits said...

~~Well you know we just rent the cottage. But Mom lives very close by, so I guess I do have a place waiting for me there.

~~Tell me about it. I live in North Texas.

~~I think they have all types, but I buy the shell-on, headless. Here in Texas, I find that the frozen shrimp in the grocery store is pretty decent.

~~You've seen far more seas than I will ever see! And thanks about the wedding plans. It has been fun so far.