Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me? In a Dress?

I was looking at "mother of the bride" dresses on the internet and I realized that I have not worn a dress in a long time. The last time I can remember wearing a dress was August 2006 for my grandmother's funeral. I didn't even wear a dress to the funeral in January. But January in Michigan? I think people do not expect dresses for that.


I like the dress in the picture above but I really should put it in Photoshop and stretch it way out sideways to get an idea of how I would look in it.
Okay, I did that:

Yeah, the model looks way better in that dress. But I have to wear something. And it has to be a dress. Yay oh yay this will be so much fun. (cough, cough)


lgsquirrel said...

You look great in that dress. I was going to suggest that you might look even better in an off-shoulder gown but you shouldn't outshine the bride. :)

Jazz said...

The model just looks skinny.

You look great in that dress. It's lovely.

XUP said...

Hey - you wore a dress for Halloween!! And you looked real cute in that. I don't suppose that would be suitable for a wedding though. The green dress is very elegant.

Mr. Jazz said...

+1 on all 3 comments!

Carole said...

Gee, I think you picked a beautiful dress and look forward to seeing you in it for real!

geewits said...

~~Thanks, but off the shoulder should only be worn by thin people.

~~Thanks. It was actually fun mushing up the picture to my size.

~~Ha! I didn't think of that, but that hardly counts because it was a costume and I was wearing a pair of shorts underneath.

Mr. Jazz,
~~You're just always sweet.

~~I just hope I can actually find something like that.

mrwriteon said...

You look fabulous in that dress, truly you do.

geewits said...

~~Well, we'll see what happens.

VioletSky said...

just pretend you are wearing a costume.

Lolo said...

You are so silly! I can't wiat to see you!