Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Not To Stay Up Until 7:00 a.m.

I woke up all happy dreamy thinking, "That was so cool! I met Bruce Willis." Then as I was starting to wake up, I started remembering more about the dream. Yeah, I met Bruce Willis, but I sort of surprised him and shoved a previous autograph that he had given me (in silver ink, no less) at him, saying "Remember this!??" So I guess the dream wasn't really about me meeting Bruce Willis, it was more about me being a creepy Bruce Willis stalker.
Later, after I got out of the shower, I was wondering how many brain cells I had killed by staying up all night. Usually when I take a shower I think deep thoughts or make good plans or something like that. I may compose whole blog posts, or grocery lists in my head or come up with funny things to say to My Sweetie. But today when I took that shower all I did was play the Meow Mix song over and over in my head. That's probably not good. Meow meow meow.
I actually accomplished some things today and I was somewhat recovering but then I went out to dinner with my daughter and her friend. And then I wanted to take my daughter to my lunch place (a sports bar) because she had never been there. And then they talked me into doing a shot of Jager. And then they actually downed them. I don't down anything. I sip my shots. But anyway we asked the bartender to take our picture and I told the girls to say, "Hi!" and draw it out and we would all look like supermodels with our mouths open like that.

I really shouldn't stay up that late again. Good night!


Jazz said...

I like it when you stay up all night, it makes for interesting blog posts. meow meow meow meow....

And now I might have to hate you because I'll have that stupid song in my head all day.

Mr. Jazz said...

Meow meow meow, but meow meow as well. Oh and lovely pic btw. Have a great weekend!

Lolo said...

meow :(

Anonymous said...

Meh - you look as perky as ever.

Smalltown RN said...

OH that is so much fun.....I stay up at nights too...but that is because I am working....I get that fuzzy and goofy head the next day...and do exactly what you did....things I most probably shouldn't....

great and fun post....

geewits said...

~~Funny about the song thing. I've had Bowie's "Changes" in my head since Xup's post.

Mr. Jazz,
~~You are always sweet. Hope your birthday was tremendous!

~~Awwwwww. Poor sweetie.

~~Crazy doesn't tire.

Smalltown RN,
~~Thanks for stopping by. It's funny how lack of sleep has it's own sort of weird buzz.