Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stupid Things I heard Today

1: It's supposed to snow again:

2: Some company added radioactive material to dirt to put on a lady's face in the 50's to prove the efficacy of their cold cream:

3: That electric repair company has a new TV commercial offering $50 off! ha ha ha ha


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I wonder if that cold cream could be used to clean up nuclear spills.

Jazz said...

Wow, you really got the electrical contractor into a tizzy, didn't you?

As for the fifties, well they sold cigarettes based on the fact they would soothe your throat. It was a weird era.

Jazz said...

PS: I can't help but wonder if she got skin cancer.

geewits said...

~~Ha ha ha ha!

~~$50 off? So instead of $450 an hour it's $432? That commercial says a study was done, I imagine they all got skin or throat or brain cancer. Sheeesh!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wonder if anyone ever wrote to Dorothy Grey about that ATOMIC TEST....! Help Us And Save Us...!
I'm sure I saw that commercial back then but didn't pay any attention because it was a commercial...!

The Electric Company is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Your comment on my blog about leaving behind that distressing closet keeps making me laugh! I love the "we have to go back" part of it...'cause that's exactly how I feel. That you understand how hard it was to not get the whole place turned upside down is a comfort to me. Anyhow, I hope you get some good cleaning done--not that your place needs it, most likely--if you're housebound by snow.

mrwriteon said...

I wonder if the Dorothy Gray company paid for the model's later cancer treatments. Otherwise, thank you for having our weather. That means we don't have to have it.

Carole said...

Radioactive dirt on my face or paying a "discounted" price of $432.00 an hour for electric work? Either way you'd be getting...hornswoggled. What'd you think I was going to say? hee hee

geewits said...

~~If you saw that commercial at the time, you probably thought, "That stuff must be really good!"

~~Sometimes serious is funny, eh? As for the snow it was tiny little flakes with no accumulation. Yay!

~~It looks like you got that weather back.

~~Hornswoggled, indeed. Thanks again for that link.

XUP said...

I think it's so cute how excited you are about all the snow you're getting.