Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras in Texas

Since it was Mardi Gras I decided we had to have Cajun food for dinner and because I suck at cooking Cajun food (I tried to make dirty rice from scratch once and it was like dirty athletic socks), I decided to head to Razzoo's (disclaimer: no compensation) because it is the local fun Cajun place. Here are some fun broads:
Here's a girl keeping with the true Nawlins tradition of making crazy shots in a metal tub:
I think this next girl was trying to sell T-shirts. I bought a T-shirt there once and it didn't fit right so I gave it to My Sweetie and he said it fit funny too. I guess they buy their T-shirts from aliens or something. But she was really nice:

I posed for a picture with this next guy because he was KING OF THE BEADS. He must have worn every bead he owns. I have a bajillion beads but I just wore one each of gold, purple and green which I think are the official colors, but what do I know?:

Oh yeah, I also have the red beads on because that picture was taken after the girl in the video down at the bottom of this post threw them to me.
This next picture was my "location buddy" meaning he happened to be next to me. He reminded me of Jeff Bridges in the movie Crazy Heart. The craziest thing was this guy was 64. I didn't believe him and bet him $3.00. He showed me his drivers license and sure enough, he was born in 1945. Even after that I argued with him because, counting on my fingers he was only 54. I showed him twice. Then he showed me how to count on my fingers and sure unough, he was 64.:

I asked him why he didn't have any wrinkles and he didn't have a good answer. And I forgot to give him the $3.00.
Here's the video of the gals dancing on the bar and I got beads!:

Okay, for some reason, it won't imbed here so here's the URL:

Anyway, the funniest part is it looks like I was at this big ole Mardi Gras party, but I was only there about an hour and a half. I ordered my food to go and had a couple of beers and then I was gone. And I made some girls really happy when I directed them to my parking spot. It was fun and our Cajun food was delicious!


XUP said...

Only you can turn "going for take-out" into a 90 minute party and goodtime blogpost!! I was, however, shocked to hear that you "suck" at making something. All my faith in your mad all-encompassing skills has been shaken -- badly shaken.

Jazz said...

What XUP said. Yep. She's right on the whole thing.

But then she always is...

geewits said...

Have you guys ever tried to make Cajun food? On top of that horrible dirty rice, I also tried to blacken fish or chicken once and I might as well have cooked it in cigarette ashes. Some things like electrical work (ha ha) you just have to leave to the professionals.