Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cat Trains Man

Barney at the back door
Since Barney became a garage/outdoor cat, he's been very good about it. He never tries to run in the back door or garage door when we go in or out. But he has trained My Sweetie to let him walk through the house from the back door to the garage rather than just walk around the house and go in through the pet door.
I took that picture on the day of the 9 inch snow, but it was very early in the day. Barney is pretty smart, but I guess he didn't realize that My Sweetie was at work. I don't think he has put together the presence of the car in the garage with the presence of My Sweetie. So he ventured around the house, through the cold and the snow, expecting his usual walk-through. And then stood there looking at me for quite some time.
If My Sweetie had been home, he would have opened the door and escorted Barney through the house to the garage door. Barney is very good about this and goes straight to the garage. Unfortunately Barney has not trained me to do this particular trick and so he was left to find his way back to the garage through the snow.


Jazz said...

You evil woman. Poor Barney, he must've pretty much disappeared in those nine inches.

Anonymous said...

Awww- poor kitty. Look at his sad little smushy face. Jazz is right, you're heartless.

ticknart said...

Geewits, I support your choice!

Last time I was visiting my parents I found out that they have a cat that won't come in the house unless it is picked up and carried over the threshold. It used to come in on it's own, but my dad stated picking it up to bring it in. It drove me nuts(ish).

Barney may have your husband fooled, but I'm happy he hasn't tricked you!

Daryl said...

Now that's funny... long time no see .. or hear .. I still owe you the shot of the Grand Street (wasnt that it?) bar... Someday you'll get an email from me with it attached in JPG form .. I promise

VioletSky said...

how can you resist a face like that??

geewits said...

Jazz and Xup,
~~If My Sweetie did not indulge this strange habit, Barney would not have been out in that weather in the first place.

~~I'm so glad someone understands! Thank you.

~~Oh yeah, I'll send you an e-mail of the bar and address.

~~That's EXACTLY what My Sweetie always says!