Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's With Names?

I bet on some planets people aren't legally represented by their names. Maybe on some planets you are designated by the coordinates of where you are standing. Then your legal designation might be: 37°53'N X 122°35'W. Or your designation may be where you fit in your family tree and that might be 483K of 1.6M Glorp. Or maybe you just have a particular sound and you go by: Ting! or Snork! I just think it's a shame that our names are all legalized because it would be fun to randomly change them depending on our moods. Like lately I was thinking I would like my name to be "Snappy Tibbets" for a while. I like the way it sounds.


Jazz said...

Snappy Tibbets it is then.

XUP said...

I'm more than happy to call you Snappy Tibbets, too.

geewits said...

Hee hee.