Thursday, October 01, 2009

Synchronicity of The Week

Yesterday, I thought I heard some music coming from outside and realized my neighbor was out playing his trumpet. It was really lovely. After a few minutes I decided to get my camera and step out to get a video:

Maybe he was camera shy or whatever but he started goofing around and playing silly stuff as you can see. I think he was trying to "score" his son's skateboarding and also made a horse whinnying sound. As I was waiting patiently for a real song, I realized my phone was ringing.
I stopped recording and jumped inside to answer the phone and it was Lo. Lo that is going with me to New Orleans in 4 weeks. For Halloween. The Glinda to my Dorothy.
I stepped into the junk room because I smoke in there. It's at the front of the house and the window was open. Just as I sat down to tell her what I had been doing, he started playing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."


Jazz said...


Anonymous said...

Cool. The only "music" I hear in my neighbourhood is when the young folk drive by with their bass a-thumpin'

VioletSky said...

Way better than the bagpipes an old neighbour of mine used to practice.
Then again, he'd not likely be playing Somnewhere Over the Rainbow - I hope!

geewits said...

~~Yeah, no kidding. I get a lot of these things and that one was really big.

~~I live on a short street at the end by the cul-de-sac and we still get that from the kid next door.

~~Now I want to check youtube to see if that exists!

Scarlet said...

If I videotaped my neighbors I'd have to bleep out a few words. Lucky you to get this kind of entertainment, and how cool that he played that tune!!

Carole said...

I've never heard a horsey trumpet. Way cool!

geewits said...

~~Your neighbors sound like real characters.

~~I take it you didn't hear him that day?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Too bad you didn't go ahead and record! Especially if he thought you weren't recording anymore....

Carole said...

Gee, I did not hear him from here. Glad you caught him on video.

geewits said...

~~I wish I had caught that!

~~You would have loved his "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"!