Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As usual XUP has inspired me with her latest post. It's something I've been thinking about for a while. The subject was what sort of people are attracted (in a general sense, not so much romantically) to you and why do you think that is.

I made the illustration above to try to explain my theory. The colored figures represent personalities. Every personality has appendages and holes. (And that is why I did not do this post when I first thought about it, because I was having trouble thinking of how to illustrate it. I get an idea but I don't always exactly know how to produce it.)
Back to the illustration. I think of personalities like geometric shapes. They float around each other and sometimes pieces fit just right together like in the game Jenga. (That's the game with the wood pieces that fit together like a puzzle.) It's like certain people have certain holes that certain people have plugs for. Or something like that. And the thing is, you can have certain holes that certain people fit into and then they have certain holes that other people fit into, but you do not have a hole for that other person.
And that was the point of why I was thinking about all of this. I was thinking the other day about how blogger life is so similar to real life. In real life you can have two favorite friends that don't particularly like each other or maybe they just don't have anything in common. In the blogger world, we all have our favorite blogs, but maybe we don't care for some of the favorite bloggers of our favorite bloggers.
I guess it all comes down to the word "niche." And the base meaning of that word is like a small place that something fits into. Like my illustration above, friends are the people whose niches you fill and who fill your niches. Or something like that.


XUP said...

Maybe we should just start doing a collaborative blog? Ha ha. Good illustrations except I would say there needs to be more of a reciprocity illustrated. So it's not just that one had the holes and the other the plug, but that in any relationship each person both gives and receives plugs and has holes and fills holes, don't you think? (it's all starting to sound a little smutty now).

geewits said...

~~Yes to all of that but I am not that great of an illustrator as you can see. What I ended up with was not very close at all to what was in my head.