Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween. Party. Shoes.

I really really hate shopping and had been putting off doing my last minute Halloween shopping and going to the baby store to buy Carole's upcoming grandson a gift. I made three stops and had to park way out at two of the places so I'm counting that as my walking for today. The first stop was the fabric store and unfortunately the store next door was one of those temporary Halloween superstores, so that lot was PACKED. I was hoping that elastic came in different colors because I had decided that the easiest way to attach my hair pieces would be to tie them on with elastic. But elastic comes only in black or white, so I went with black figuring that would sort of disappear in my darkish hair. And there will be gingham ribbon on top of that.
I have no idea why the baby store's parking lot was so full. And times have changed. The gift I have always given mothers to be, because they were my very favorite things, hardly exist anymore. And those are the waterproof flannel pads. Those things made my life so much easier. It's funny how you think young people today have it easier but apparently not. Anyway after searching for what seemed like EVER in that store, I found what I wanted. And then the lines at checkout. And guess what people in the lines have? Yes! They have crying babies.
I finally got home and had maybe 14 seconds to unwind when my daughter and her friend showed up. For years my daughter and I have been carving pumpkins together except for last year. I suppose we could not coordinate our (her) schedules. Last year I just had that pile of uncarved pumpkins by the block of hay. For years I had been carving a scary cat complete with big whiskers, but this year I decided to go with goofy and simple. Mine is the pumpkin on the left. My daughter's pumpkin, in the middle, is a landscape of full moon and mountains. I told her people would think it was a one-eyed creature with one giant tooth. My daughter's friend had not carved a pumpkin in many years and really got a kick out of it. She said my pumpkin looked like a bunny. It was supposed to be a cross-eyed, buck-toothed being, but it does look sort of like Bugs Bunny. The pumpkin carving was fun and I started to unwind a bit, when my daughter started telling her friend about my costume and then I panicked because I realized I had forgotten to pick up my ruby slippers from the shoe place.
I really wanted Thursday to be an IN day because starting Friday, I will have four OUT days in a row. Besides I need to catch up on housework, do laundry and start packing. My Sweetie, who is the sweetiest Sweetie in the world asked me after dinner if I was okay. I told him I had forgotten my shoes and he offered to get them for me. What a relief. Now I can stay home and get a lot done. I want to get out of this rushed stressed feeling mode and back into giddy happy YAY mode. I am ready to party with my best bud in New Orleans. I will be there in 40.5 hours and I can't wait. And for everyone that keeps asking about pictures. Hello? I'm the person that even takes pictures of my meals when I go out to eat. And Lo? She is a fastidious photo chronicler of events. She is worse (better?) than I am about photo ops. Between the two of us we will probably have 100 pictures. And I am so looking forward to making them.


VioletSky said...

Your pumpkins look great. I haven't carved one in eons.
Just the other day, I discovered we have one of those Hallowe'en Superstores and was completely blown away by the miles of Hallowe'en themed stuff (I know I am hopelessly out of touch, but I have no kids...)

You will both have a wonderful time full of laughs, stories beer and I can't wait to hear about it. Enjoy!

Jazz said...

It does look like a one-eyed monster with a huge tooth.

There are Halloween stores??? Just Halloween stuff? Hell who knew. But then I just found out about Christmas stores (shudder) a couple of years ago.

I can't wait to hear about your Halloween party!!!

XUP said...

Ya...carving pumpkins is another thing I suck at. I'm good at scooping all the insides out and roasting the seeds, but I let someone else make the faces. But I'm really good at theatrical make-up. I was just reminded that I have a photo of myself all made up to look about 90. I'll have to post it some time. And, I don't need to tell you to have a blast in NO

Carole said...

Eeek, it's the one eyed toothy pumpkin monster! That would even scare the "Great Pumpkin"! :D
All your pumpkins are SO Cute!

The baby store was packed a month ago when we went too. Can you imagine how bad it will be come Christmastime over there! Ack!

Early Happy Halloween!, and hope you have a funny, spooky, crazy good time with Lo!

geewits said...

~~You can't use kids as an excuse. My friend Lo has no kids and she is bonkers for Halloween. And thanks, I plan to have fun.

~~They are temporary superstores that set up in empty buildings for a month or so. I always wonder where that stuff is stored the rest of the year.

~~There you go! You always say you have no talents, but that is a great one. I can't even do regular make-up!

~~Thanks! Yeah, I won't be going anywhere near that area in December. I hope your daughter has an easy weekend and things stay on target.

Anonymous said...

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