Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Combining The Two Icks

Because I spend 80 to 90 percent of my life puttering around in my house, I have wimpy feet. And conversely I always take walking vacations. Which require LOTS of walking. To preprare for my trips I try to spend some time on my treadmill. I also like to whiten my teeth before vacations. So tonight, I thought, "Hey! Why not get these two horrible things over at the same time?" It was horribly unpleasant, but now that it's over I'm glad I did it. (Sort of like having a baby or tossing your 18-year-old out of your house.) I strapped a sudoku puzzle book on the top thing of the treadmill with a velcro strap and hopped on there with my teeth whitening trays and took off. That puzzle book really helped and I walked 3/4 of a mile (that's 14 vegemites in the metric system) while trying not to drool all over the place. I didn't make it to the 30 minutes suggested by the teeth whitening product, but decided that 25 was plenty. Besides, with all the drool, I figured there could not be much whitening product left at that point. I found it amusing that although I spent the whole 25 minutes engrossed in my sudoku puzzle, I didn't write in a single number. But hey! It was a "demanding" puzzle. And speaking of demanding, I'm going to do the whole thing all over again. Ick.


Jazz said...

Oh you poor dear... Sucks to be you, but keep your eye on the prize. New Orleans and that beer you'll have in the bar after the walking.

XUP said...

14 vegemites - ha ha. It's actually a little more than a kilometer. And yes, I agree with Jazz, you have a very tough life.

Big Brother said...

Ok, I've heard of listening to music while working out, watching TV, even some people transacting business on their cell phones, but I admit teeth whitening is a new one. Boy it's a tough life.

carolina said...

Nice blog !
I just want to let you know there is also an interesting sudoku site at

geewits said...

~~There will be tons of beers in New Orleans! And you don't even have to keep it in the bar. You can walk around with your beer.

~~Hey! Being a stay-at-home putterer is hard work. Okay, you're right.

Big Brother,
~~It makes sense to do them together, but I wouldn't recommend it for a public gym.