Monday, October 26, 2009

About New Orleans and Stuff

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to New Orleans on Friday that I can barely think about anything else. That picture was taken in May 2003. That's the last time Lo and I went. In case you forgot, she's going to be the Glinda to my Dorothy on Saturday night. I have only two things left to buy and I will be ready. And I have to pick up my shoes from a place on Wednesday. I took them to The Shoe Hospital to have a rubber padding installed under the ball of the foot part for extra comfort. I have to admit I had a bit of anxiety leaving them there. I'm not even going to pack them in my checked luggage. I'm going to take my entire costume onto the plane in my backpack, because if there is really one time you do not want to lose something if your luggage gets lost, it's your Halloween costume for Halloween. Call me paranoid, but I'd prefer to think I am just being extra careful.


On that last trip in 2003, we visited some of the gorgeous New Orleans cemeteries. Since Sunday will be El Día de los Muertos, I figured we would do that again. That is if we are not too dead ourselves, after Saturday night.


Happy Birthday to Carole! (I hope you had a great Birthday weekend anyway.) Carole's 50th birthday was on Saturday and she had wonderful plans. Her son and DIL flew down from Princeton and they were going to have a great weekend with them as well as her daughter and SIL who live nearby. Unfortunately, Carole's daughter, who is due to have a baby around Thanksgiving was stricken with severely high blood pressure and had to be hospitalized on Friday for the duration of her pregnancy.

Carole loves whimsical things and I gave her those two Halloween figurines. Let's all hope her daughter and new (and first!) grandbaby are going to be fine.


I hope I have time to post again this week. My husband visited the LucasArts headquarters in San Francisco last week on a business trip and brought back some cool pictures. I want to post some of them this week. Here's a Yoda fountain:
I want a Yoda fountain! So anyway, I'm all busy getting ready for my trip and trying to remember to do my normal stuff until Friday. I'm so excited!!!


VioletSky said...

Love the Yoda Fountain! I am assuming you would want a slightly smaller version?
Happy (belated) Birthday to Carole.

XUP said...

There are going to be photos of the two of you whooping it up in OZ, right?

Carole said...

Gee, thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes and for the adorable Halloween figurines! They are SO CUTE! I'm also hoping and praying for my daughter and grandchild. It's kinda scary having her in the hospital, but I'm really thankful for the medical technology today.

I'm also excited for your Halloween trip with Lo! I'm looking forward to pictures and stories! Smart thinking taking your outfit on the plane! :D

Jazz said...

yep. you gotta bring your costume on the plane with you. It's not paranoia, it's intelligence. I've been hearing about so much luggage getting lost lately. The airline lost a friend's luggage on the way to and back from her vacation. Don't take a chance.

Happy Birthday Carole!

geewits said...

~~Oh yes! My Yoda fountain would have to be much smaller.

~~Are you kidding? We are both camera crazy. We have tons of pics from all of our trips.

~~My thoughts are with you always until J&G are home safe.

~~Welcome home!!! You were sorely missed. And thanks for backing me up on the luggage thing. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

Carole said...

VioletSky & Jazz, thanks for the birthday wishes! Gee sure has some great blogger friends!

Mr. Jazz said...

As an ex-baggage handler, I could not tell you how adequately purdent you are by bringing your essential Halloween gear onboard. It's not paranoia, it's pure wisdom.

Happy B'Day Carole. Those figurines are totally cool!

mrwriteon said...

Have a wonderful time in the Big Easy. I envy you that trip.

geewits said...

Mr. Jazz,
~~Welcome back! I hope you are quite rejuvinated from your long sunny vacation. Wow! I did not know you were once a baggage handler. That's crazy.

~~Thanks! I am really looking forward to it.