Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Latest Tomfoolery

Maybe that title should have been: Not My Usual Chores. Today I did a bunch of stuff that I don't normally do. Okay, have NEVER done. Last week my rock tumbler sort of exploded:

That rubber ring (see arrow left) popped off of the barrel (see arrow right). While the thing was spinning. All that grey stuff? Well it's supposed to be INSIDE the barrel not all over the place. I called my online supply place and talked to a guy and we decided I needed a new barrel. Each barrel has a rubber lip that keeps the rubber ring in place, which keeps the lid sealed, which keeps the grey sludge inside the barrel instead of spewing it all over the place. And although this all happened a week ago, I did not clean it all up until today. Because I am very lazy. The new barrel arrived on Tuesday, so I was ready to get it all going today.
Just after that, my daughter stopped by for a visit and I told her the chimney cleaners were coming at 5:00 and I asked her if I should clean out the fireplace. Half of my brain thought maybe that's like cleaning up before the maid comes and the other half kept saying, "They are CHIMNEY cleaners, not fireplace cleaners." Anyway, I couldn't decide but my daughter said we should not only clean the fireplace, but also take all the stuff off the hearth. So we did that. I've never had my chimney cleaned and forgot to ask the guy, so I didn't know. Oh, and the guy forgot and won't be here until 3:00 this afternoon and I didn't think to ask when he called, so I still don't know. I'll try to remember to ask him.
After she left, I began my dye experiments:

I have two different types of dyes going on. On the left is food coloring and on the right is some tie-dye stuff from an old kit that was my daughter's a million years ago and was never touched. I have test cloths in each bucket The color on the left is not true. The flash missed it and it is shadowed somehow. Anyway, I am leaving the test cloth in there for 24 hours to see which one looks the best because I have to dye some socks. Yes, I can even dye my socks to match my gown, jolly old town!

So that's what I did today. I wonder what the odds are that some other person did those three things today. Probably pretty slim.


XUP said...

I can attest that I certainly didn't do those 3 things today. I didn't even do one of them. As for the chimney -- you should get that cleaned every year; and take everything out of the hearth and maybe even away from the outside of the fireplace, but there's no need to clean out the hearth because it will get dirty. Also, I don't know how you can call yourself lazy with all the projects you're doing all the time.

VioletSky said...

Certainly not. I had too much 'make up sleep' to do.

My first thought on the chimney was that I've only ever heard you complain about the hades like heat - so when would you use this fireplace??

geewits said...

~~I am not lazy when it comes to fun projects, but VERY lazy with regular chores.

~~Every once in a blue moon it gets cold here and we burn a duraflame log. We probably only get to have about 5 to 8 fires per winter.

Scarlet said...

You are more creative than a lot of artists I know. Seriously! I love that you died your socks to go with your ruby red shoes...and that you are such a handywoman.

I wish I had a chimney to clean. :(

geewits said...

~~I was only testing before. I finally got the dye right tonight (I hope) and they will have to soak for 24 hours. Yeah, I can see how most homes in south Florida would not have fireplaces. That actually sounds very rational.