Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brain and Money

A week ago Xup did a post about money - specifically about the things she is very frugal about vs. the things she spares no expense on. I couldn't find my old post on something similar but it's always interesting how everyone is so different about these things. But this isn't about that. What struck me, because this is how my brain works, was when she said, "Friends might rave about the sexy boots they got on sale for $300..."
As I may have mentioned before (or not) my brain calculates money in air fare. So when I read that sentence, I thought, "Boots for $300!!? That's insane! That's an airplane ticket!!"

In my brain, an airplane ticket is around $300. And usually also in reality. So I always see money as air fare. The picture post I did two posts down about my dead Trucky? All I could think was, "That's TWO plane tickets!!!!" TWO!!!
So as I was thinking about all of that, I was wondering if other people have some round number they equate with something like that. Maybe some people, upon getting my truck bill would have thought, "That's TWO pairs of sexy boots!" Or maybe "That's three nights in a fine hotel!" Seriously, is it just me, or does anyone else do this?


Mr. Jazz said...

I tend not to compare apples with oranges but when it comes to large amounts, I usually equate it to appliances, a fridge for example or for even larger amounts, a 20K car. One thing's for sure, the airline ticket will get you further than a fancy pair of boots...

Jazz said...

I do that sometimes, but not as much as you. But you're special like that.

Carole said...

I guess I only do that with large amounts, such as $40,000. I'll say "That's a small house", or with a lot more, I'll say, "man, you could buy 5 houses with that!". And seems I usually do that when I hear of some outrageous or frivolous spending such as rich billionaires putting gold faucet fixtures in their opulent yachts, etc., or at least what seems like frivolous spending to me.

As for $300 boots on sale, boots can last a long time and that seems like a good investment to me...coming from Texas and all. :D

And the first thing that ran through my mind when I saw this posting's picture...Ooh La La! hee hee

Gnightgirl said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I translate a lot of items to the number of bottles of wine I could buy with it. ($300 would buy me a LOT of wine, cuz I don't buy the expensive stuff!)

Another thing I always do is calculate the cost that a lovely home-cooked meal would have cost us in a restaurant, and proudly announce the difference: "I spent $8 on this meal, and it would have cost us $48 plus tip if we'd gone out!"

Jammie J. said...

I'm a $20 increment person. I don't know why $20, probably something from my childhood. I've been thinking about nudging it up to $25, things ARE more expensive these days... hmmm.

Although, recently, with the stupid traffic ticket I received, I compared that to airfare because that ticket is going to cost me $262 and my airfare to visit my aunt in Iowa in November was $238.

Anonymous said...

YES! I always compare prices to restaurant meals. If I'm undecided about spending $60 on something I always think, "meh, that's a moderately nice dinner for 2 somewhere." And I figure if I can spend that on a meal, I can spend it on whatever the thing is I'm thinking of buying because it will last a lot longer than the meal!

geewits said...

Mr. Jazz,
~~I was going to say that was a man thing until I saw Carole's comment. We watched a show featuring $90,000 kitchen remodels and my husband was beside himself: YOU COULD BUY A HOUSE WITH THAT!

~~You always make me laugh.

~~I have never bought expensive shoes except good sneakers for my daughter when she played volleyball. And see my comment above to Mr. Jazz.

~~I've done that with meals, too! On the other hand, that's why I don't make tacos at home anymore because they are lots cheaper from Taco Bell.

~~Yeah I remember that traffic ticket and thought it was great that you did that. I always do that.

~~That's very clever, but then you are lots wiser than I am.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I always evaluate the cost of something in terms of the cost of feeding myself for X number of days.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't really do that. The only time I have ever actually done that is when going over all the money spent in the Dental Chair over the years...I have been known to say...."With all the money I have spent with Denists, I could have bought a house on the Beach in Hawaii!" Otherwise, I cannot say I have a substitute money comparison as you do. It is very interesting though.

Scarlet said...

I try not to do that, but paying $300 for boots is just nuts!

You'd DIE if you heard what I paid for my truck repair!! It's like 7plane tickets!...and the worst part is it had to go back to the shop on Monday because the lifters are sticking and making the truck sound horrible! I hate spending $$$ on my truck when I don't even get to enjoy it all that much.

geewits said...

~~That's interesting. Did you ever go hungry?

~~That's terrible! Going to the dentist is bad enough even if it were free.

~~I thought you said it was only $40? Mine is back in the shop right now (at no cost) because the alternator they installed was defective.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I guess when I was a student and on a tight scholarship, I got used to making decisions based on how many days of food would it cost. For example, I remember making a note when i was traveling through Europe that 1 day in Switzerland was equal to 4 days in Germany. I don't remember the currency exchange but I remember that!

L said...

Splurging? My hold-over from my vegetarian days (had to; it was cheaper than being omnivourous) is, "Do you know how many pounds of beans that'll buy?" If it's more than that, since I'm saving for a house, it's portions of a house: the price of those boots equals the cost of the floor space for the stove. Or the cost of a woodstove.

Anonymous said...
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