Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Goofiness - Texas Style

An old friend, a Texan that has been living in Florida for over 15 years sent me a funny e-mail about Texas city names. Here are some of the ones I liked:


Why travel to other cities? Texas has them all!
Detroit , Texas 75436
Cleveland , Texas 75436
Colorado City , Texas 79512
Denver City , Texas 79323
Klondike , Texas 75448
Nevada , Texas 75173
Memphis , Texas 79245
Miami , Texas 79059
Boston , Texas 75570
Albany, Texas 76430
Santa Fe , Texas 77517
Tennessee Colony , Texas 75861
Reno , Texas 75462
Pasadena , Texas 77506
Columbus , Texas 78934
Beverly Hills, Texas 76711


Feel like traveling outside the country?
Athens, Texas 75751
Canadian, Texas 79014
China Texas 77613
Egypt, Texas 77436
Ireland, Texas 76538
Italy , Texas 76538
Turkey, Texas 79261
London, Texas 76854
New London, Texas 75682
Paris, Texas 75460
Palestine, Texas 75801


We have a city named after our state...
Texas City, Texas 77590


We even have a city named after our planet!
Earth, Texas 79031


Other city names in Texas , to make you smile...
Frognot , Texas 75424
Bigfoot , Texas 78005
Hogeye , Texas 75423
Cactus , Texas 79013
Notrees , Texas 79759
Best, Texas 76932
Veribest, Texas 76886
Kickapoo, Texas 75763
Dime Box , Texas 77853
Old Dime Box, Texas 77853
Salty, Texas 76567
Telephone, Texas 75488
Telegraph, Texas 76883
Twitty, Texas 79079


And our favorites...
Cut n Shoot, Texas
Gun Barrell City, Texas
Hoop And Holler, Texas
Pioneer Town, Texas
Muleshoe, Texas
Stampede, Texas

And some interesting Texas facts:

•Beaumont to El Paso : 742 miles and Beaumont to Chicago : 770 miles
•El Paso is closer to California than to Dallas

•King Ranch in South Texas is larger than Rhode Island

•The first word spoken from the moon, July 20,1969, was " Houston ," (although the space center was actually in Clear Lake City at the time.)

•The State Mascot is the Armadillo (an interesting bit of trivia about the armadillo is they always have four babies. They have one egg, which splits into four, and they either have four males or four females.).
Happy Friday & Have a Great Weekend


Scarlet said...

I didn't know that about the armadillo...that's interesting!

I must get my butt to Hoop 'n Holler, TX one of these days. I can't believe there's a Miami, TX...of all places! Hablan espaƱol there, I imagine...Mexican Spanish maybe?

Anonymous said...

If you want some really crazy town names, you should browse a map of Newfoundland. Here are a few from there:
Jerry's Nose
Nick's Nose Cove
Lushes Bight
Bumble Bee Bight
Ha Ha Bay
Bleak Joke Cove
Calves Nose
Nancy Oh
Little Looping Harbour
Snake's Bight
Joe Batt's Arm
Gripe Point
Misery Point
Famine Point
Breakheart Point
Famish Gut
Empty Basket
Heart's Desire
Heart's Content
Heart's Delight
Broom Point
Bacon Cove
Bread Island

Carole said...

My daughter got her dog in Gun Barrel City, so they of course named him...Bullet! Bullet from Gun Barrel City, Texas! 8-)

Jazz said...

What? No Montreal Texas?

My all time favourite place name is in the middle of nowhere,Arizona.

It's called "Why"

Mr. Jazz said...

Shucks: Jazz beat me to Why!

Happy Friday!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Some funny names on that list! Amazing how many Foreign Country's, too! I wonder if all states have so many "city" names of other states in them as Texas does?
I hope you have a lovely Weekend, my dear!

geewits said...

~~Are you kidding? In Texas EVERY city speaks Spanish and yes, it's all Mexican Spanish.

~~I love those!

~~That's funny!

Jazz & Mr. Jazz,
~~Why, Arizona. I love it. There's a Quebec, not too far from here and I even took a picture of the road sign this summer, but I couldn't find the zip code. I'll post that picture soon.

~~That wasn't even all of the other city names, but the list was generated by a Texan and they probably didn't recognize all of them (like Buffalo and Bayside).

Jammie J. said...

Hey, I'm looking at the armidillo pin that you gave me. :) For some reason, I have an acupuncture needle poked in it's cushion keeping it company. Huh.

geewits said...

~~At least the armadillo is feeling no pain, right?