Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Did Some More Stuff

My Sweetie decided at the last minute to take Friday off, so basically I was computer blocked all day while he battled monsters with other people in the world that also had Friday off. Or maybe some of them do that at work. It wouldn't surprise me.
I ended up parked for a few hours in front of the tube watching HGTV and suddenly said to myself, "I want to do something." I thought about this guest room chair:
I thought it might be cool to cover the seat with the same toile material that I had used to cover the bench cushion that's in the same room:
So I did:

But then I realized that with that cream color in the room that the bedspread was too white:

So I boiled about 30 individual sized tea bags that I keep just for this purpose. (What happened was, several years ago, My Sweetie bought a box of individual sized tea bags instead of family sized and I used some once and then bought the correct sized bags. But I do not like to waste stuff so I saved them for tea staining.) So after the very thick tea had cooled, I poured it into the bathtub with a lot of cold water and immersed the bedspread and that back pillow pillowcase. I set the timer several times for about 18 minutes to move them around in the water because there were some air pockets and I did not want uneven staining. Then I put the pillowcase and bedspread in a bucket and took them to the laundry room and washed them. I really love the color. I did not take an after picture because I assumed the flash would just wash out the difference, but they came out a nice creamy color. I had tea stained something before so I knew what to expect.
The funny part was when I came in here to get the stapler. We keep it very near the computer. My Sweetie asked "What do you need that for?" I replied, "I'm stapling tea bags together." He was satisfied with that answer and went back to his World of Warcraft. I think if someone said that to me, I'd be all, "What?" I actually stapled piles of tea bag tags together so that there were only three. It made it much easier to deal with them since there were a LOT of tea bags.
Later I said, "I can't believe that you didn't ask me why I was stapling tea bags together." When I told him I was tea staining my bedspread and the pillowcase, he actually asked me if that was a real thing. He thought I was making it up. Oh and speaking of that, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME if you have a regular white bathtub. I happen to have a tan (faux marble) acrylic bathtub, so I was not worried about staining it. (If you haven't seen it before, here's an old picture.) I also have a regular white bathtub and I would bet that if I poured tea in there I would remember it every time I looked at it for the rest of my life. So again, do not pour tea in your white bathtub.
It's going to be a long weekend here and I have a few simple fun things planned. I'm sure you'll hear about it.


VioletSky said...

Thanks for the tip. Too late.

Scarlet said...

You always find something creative to do with your time and it ALWAYS works for you. I would've liked to have seen an after pic of the bedspread, but I can sort of picture the cream color. Thanks for the warning...all my tubs are white.

If I staples tea bags together, my husband would think, there she goes doing something wacky again. I don't think he'd ask either.

XUP said...

Violetsky, et al...JAVEX. My mother, the queen of bleach has deeply ingrained in me the amazing powers of bleach for anything that isn't as white as it should be. Fill the tub with water and dump a whole jug of bleach in. Leave over night and I'll betcha by morning it will be snowy again.

Geewits - I want to stay in that guestroom

Carole said...

Ooooh, the toile on that black chair looks so elegant! Perfect pairing. I've recently read about people dying yarns with all kinds of things, the most common so far being kool-aid. So I found it very interesting that you dyed cloth with tea. I bet the color is really nice! So since it was a bedspread, did you use decaf tea? :)

geewits said...


~~It so does not ALWAYS work for me. I just never publish my mistakes. You should see the hideous collage I did.

~~Bleach, yes. Works wonders on the cat pee in the garage. The guest room is nice, but the carpet is terrible. If you were coming I could finally get My Sweetie to steam clean it.

~~Hah ha! Decaf bedspread. I get it! Kool-aid yarn. That's interesting.

Jazz said...

I love that chair! You kick major ass... Is there anything you can't do?

geewits said...

~~Collages. I recently did one and it looks like a 13-year-old girl made it. It's really bad.